Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Further notes

The Ndesu was a giant B.O.W. created by TRICELL as a counterpart to "El Gigante" of rural Spain. The beasts themselves were very similar. While El Gigante had only a single large Plaga parasite inside it, Ndesu was created with a number of smaller Type-2 Plagas along with the larger specimen - both of which house the larger around their spinal column. As an homage to its predecessor, Ndesu proceeded to crush Dave Johnson underfoot, similar to a Ganado, the first El Gigante Leon S. Kennedy encountered and killed.


Unleashed by Ricardo Irving, who was pursued by the BSAA, Ndesu assaulted the BSAA Delta Team out in the Savannah near Kijuju, with only two members surviving the assault: Captain Josh Stone, who was later found exploring the marshlands, and Dave Johnson, who took the team's HMMWV to a quarry to help Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. Reaching their base camp too late, Dave left the HMMWV to search for survivors while Sheva looked for Josh amongst the bodies. His back turned, Dave didn't notice Ndesu until it was too late - he suffered massive blunt-force trauma as the monster crushed him under its feet.

Chris and Sheva managed to repel it by establishing a fire position in the back of a HMMWV, where the combined firepower of its turrets proved too much for the abomination, and was ultimately killed. This development further added to Irving's frustration as he already had lost one marketable B.O.W with the previous being the Popokarimu, which was also killed by Chris and Sheva. Fortunately, for the two agents Ndesu was the only of its kind they encountered, and perhaps the only one actually produced.


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