The needle bomb after the outer shell splits open.

A weapon utilized by Carla Radames while in Edonia. At first, it appears to be a silver sphere but when the outer shell splits, it is shown to be lined with small needles. A small explosion occurs in the center of the bomb, just enough to propel the needles outward.

Although not inherently lethal, the variant used by Carla Radames seems to be filled with the C-Virus, causing those struck with the needle to become immediately infected. The infection process from this weapon (likely from being directly injected into human tissue) forces any person afflicted to instantly enter a mutation process like those of the Chrysalid creatures due to the syringe containing advanced strain.

The BSAA operatives named Finn Macauley, Ben Airhart, Carl Alfonso and Andy Walker are infected and mutated via this weapon during their mission in Edonia on December 24, 2012, transforming them into Napads.


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