Neil's Report (ニールの報告書 Nīru no hōkoku-sho?) is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


The file can be found by Claire and Moira inside the same room as the Notes on the Transfer Procedure and Thoughts on Kafka, during Episode 4: Metamorphosis.



It looks like the most suitable "vessel" is going to be that little girl after all. The other candidates had potential, but that girl is in an entirely different class.

She is incapable of feeling fear.

That's not surprising, when you consider what she's been through. Getting caught up in the Terragrigia Panic at such a young age, having everyone she knew be killed...losing her parents right in front of her eyes.

After experiencing those kinds of horrors, what left is there to be afraid of?

The only problem is her age, but that's a problem that time will take care of for us.

She's the perfect candidate for your purposes.


適合者はやはり、 例の小娘で決まりだな。

他の被験者にも見込みはあったが、 彼女は次元が違う。

何せ、 ”恐怖” の感情そのものが欠落している。

おそらく幼少時、 故郷のテラリジアで起こったバイオテロ事件での、 隣人たちの大量虐殺に加え、 両親を目の前で失ったことが原因だろう。

耐え難に体験によるトラウマは、 彼女から”恐怖”の感情を奪った。

唯一の欠点は、 少しばかり幼すぎることだが、 それもやがて時間が解決する。

彼女こそ、 お前たちが、 求めていた”器”とやらにふさわしいだろう?




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