Further notes

Monster Neil

Like other Uroboros infected creatures, Neil is extremely vulnerable to heat. There are several gas tanks in the area that can either be shot by Claire or destroyed by Neil himself if he is lured into attacking them, which in turn will catch him on fire. He can also be burned up through the use of firebomb bottles as well as Moira's flashlight. Once Neil is burning up, his weak spot will be exposed for a short period of time as he attempts to use a water pipe to cool down, so use this opportunity to shoot it as much as possible.

Raid Mode

Neil is a playable character in Raid Mode and can be unlocked by completing Episode 3: Judgment. He starts out with two empty weapon slots, the others being unlocked at Level 5 and 27. His starting active skill is the Electric Bottle and his two passive skills are Sniper Rifle Master and the unique Auto Evade, which has to be inherited for other characters to be able to use.


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