Further notes
  • It is possible for either Claire or Moira to deal the killing shots to Neil. Should Claire be the one to finish him, she manages to reach her gun and place the barrel inside his mouth before repeatedly squeezing the trigger. Alternatively, the player could switch to Moira and crawl toward the fallen gun. In this process, Moira experiences flashbacks and voice-overs to the time she shot her younger sister Polly by mistake. She eventually overcomes her fear of firearms and picks up the gun, opening fire on Neil and saving Claire. Killing Neil as Claire will result in the non-canon "bad" ending, while killing Neil as Moira will result in a good ending.
  • Neil's bracelet is always green. This is because he believed he would escape infection and so was not stressed by it, nor by the monsters on the island due to his knowledge of the situation and ample bioterrorism experience.
  • Due to being infected with t-Phobos, when additionally infected with Uroboros his mutation is random and unique but t-Phobos restricts the damage caused by Uroboros' genetic selection. Like Alex Wesker, he is not an Uroboros adapter, but is able to survive it due to already being infected with another virus.