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Neil Fisher was a member of TerraSave and Claire Redfield's senior. A veteran that experienced much bloodshed, Neil was otherwise trusted by his subordinates for his calm personality and sharp insight.[excerpt 1]


Terragrigia Panic

"I know you were Lansdale's puppet."
Alex Wesker to Neil

By around 2004, Neil Fisher was a member of the TerraSave organization but was also a loyal member of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. Due to his belief of ruling through fear and bioterrorist threats to keep the FBC alive, he attracted the eye of Morgan Lansdale to the point that Fisher was chosen to be his successor and keep the dream alive. During the Terragrigia Panic incident, Neil came into contact with a young girl named Natalia Korda whose parents were killed due to the bioterrorist attack orchestrated by Il Veltro with the aid of Lansdale. Using his position in TerraSave, he rescued the young girl and helped calm her by giving her a stuffed teddy bear that Natalia would name Lottie. Natalia remained grateful to Neil years later, referring to him as "the nice man" who rescued her and considered him a friend.

When the truth about the Terragrigia Panic came out and Lansdale was arrested for his crimes of bioterrorism, the FBC was disbanded and the hopes of the future that Neil dreamed for became obsolete. He remained a member of TerraSave, establishing a relationship with many of others as their senior in the NGO.

Betraying TerraSave

"I did what I thought was right..."

At some point, Neil managed to come in contact with the former pet project of Oswell E. Spencer, Alex Wesker - the only remaining product of Project W. Still desiring to resurrect the FBC, he established an agreement with her by providing specimens and test subjects for a new virus that used Albert Wesker's Uroboros virus. In exchange, Neil wanted a sample of the Uroboros, hoping to use it to create another bioterror incident that would hopefully justify the return of his beloved organization and do his former master proud.

He put together a list of candidates that had experience with bioterrorism in their past to be tested with the new virus. Neil himself was the first candidate on his list, later adding Claire Redfield for her involvement in surviving the Raccoon City Destruction Incident and the Harvardville Airport outbreak. Gabriel Chavez and Pedro Fernandez were added for their involvement in Kijuju. The young girl he saved, Natalia and fellow member Gina Foley were added for surviving the Terragrigia Panic. His list filled out with another TerraSave employee Edward Thompson. Moira Burton was not initially be added to his list due to not being involved directly in any bioterror incident, but he added her as well because of her psyche test was as good as the other candidates. He had three other candidates prepared, as well, though at some point scratched their names off his list.

Sushestvovanie Island

After his list was finalized, an attack against a TerraSave party was orchestrated. Inside TerraSave headquarters as new member Moira Burton was being welcomed by her fellow employees, Neil took Claire aside to speak to her about rumors coming out of Washington regarding a new virus with defunct pharmaceutical company TRICELL behind it. Claire dismissed the theories, however. He kept his list of candidates with him in a TerraSave binder, guarding it closely until a paramilitary attack struck. Although it is unknown what was done to other TerraSave employees, those that found their way into his list were injected with the virus and taken to a remote island.

When Neil awoke, he found himself in a dense forest with Gabe, Pedro, and Edward. Alex Wesker, posing as an individual named the Overseer, spoke to them through strange bracelets that were placed on them and would react accordingly to fear. After being instructed to find the Wossek, the four sought to survive together. When previous experiments, the Afflicted, attacked, Edward was quickly killed. Before the others fled, Pedro severed Edward's hand to get his bracelet and Neil led the other two away. When they were unable to escape, Neil offered himself up, holding off the attackers while allowing Gabe and Pedro to escape and make their way to the Wossek.

Playing the Hero

His escape from the Afflicted and how he found his way to the Wossek in the abandoned fishing village are unknown, but by the time Neil had arrived, Claire and Moira were under attack by more creatures. Furthermore, Pedro had already failed the experiment, becoming overcome with fear and mutating into a brutal creature wielding a massive rock drill as a weapon, attempting to kill the two women. He caught their attention and kicked down an emergency ladder to help Claire and Moira to the roof of the Wossek and led them around to a set of steel doors to escape through.

As Neil led them into a sewer below, Claire and Moira expressed concern for Gabe who was left behind, but he assured them that their co-worker and friend would be fine. Together, the three followed a path toward a large tower that Claire suspected the signal from the Overseer was coming from. Expressing some uncertainty, Neil decided to help them along until they came into an abandoned town on the island. Claire helped Moira up a broken ladder with Neil helping Claire with the same until suddenly a pair of Afflicted managed to break through a nearby gate. Urging them to go on to the tower and that he would meet them there, Neil led the Afflicted away, disappearing behind a pile of debris.

The Truth

"A monster like you could never understand!"
— Neil to Alex Wesker

Rev2 Fisher and Wesker

Neil talking to Alex Wesker

As Claire and Moira were closing in on the Overseer, Neil was busy working alongside her. He was finalizing his terms of the deal, isolating the most ideal candidate for Alex's intended experiment, and demanded his payment. Unfortunately, Alex had other plans for the man. Before he could react, she infected him with the Uroboros virus, musing that she was giving him the sample he wanted. As the virus began to course through his body, Alex revealed that she knew all about Neil's history and his intentions with the virus, calling him and Lansdale fools.

Leaving him to his fate, Neil managed to escape the computer room despite being overcome with pain and found his way onto an elevator to the bottom floor of the tower.

Mutation and Death

"Uroboros... It's not death... it's power!"

Monster neil

Neil, transformed by the Uroboros virus

When Neil exited the elevator, he found Claire and Moira waiting for him. Insisting he was trying to do the right thing, it wasn't long before the virus began to mutate him. As his body began to twist and contort, he lamented failing Lansdale and the FBC, urging Claire to get away from him. The Uroboros virus-transformed him into a hulking beast, his right arm consumed with tentacles that pulsed throughout the inside of his body and protecting the sensitive blister over his heart. By the time it had taken full effect, Neil was convinced that he was blessed with the virus and immediately turned on Claire.

The battle between Neil and the two surviving TerraSave members ensued, Neil, ranting about controlling the world through fear and bioterrorism, as well as still reviving the FBC. As it escalated, Neil's body started to become overheated yet when he attempted to cool himself down, he left his weak point exposed to damage. It was only a matter of time before Claire and Moira managed to bring him down. A lot of time being subjected to an incredibly high temperature and hundreds of gunshots drew him absolutely mad and forced him to tear the blister out of his chest with his own hands. It's quite notable that several explosions, overheat and different types of weapon shots didn't cause his blister to explode when his one strong movement was enough to do that.

However, it wasn't the end for him yet. As they attempted to escape in the elevator he had taken down, he followed them, forcing his way inside as they opened the door. Taking his anger out on Moira, he attempted to consume her with the tentacles on his right arm. Claire attacked, using her knife to try and carve away at the appendages before tackling him off of the elevator, bringing the three of them down to the ground.

Using what energy remained, Neil attacked Claire. She attempted to shoot but as he forced his weight onto her, they fell to the ground and the gun was knocked from her hand. Try as she might to reason with the mutated Neil as she and Moira struggled for the gun, he would not hear any of it. There was little else he could do to fight back, however, as the gun was retrieved by Moira who promptly shot him multiple times through the head.


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    "クレアの上司となる人物。 冷静沈着な判断力と鋭い洞察力を備えており、 メンバーからの信頼も厚い。 数々の修羅場を乗り越えてきたと噂されるベテランだ。"
  1. Stated to be 39 years old in 2011.
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