Nemesis' rocket launcher is a custom-made rocket launcher developed by the Umbrella Corporation for use by Nemesis in armed combat.

In Resident Evil: Apocalypse

After waking up Nemesis, the Umbrella Corporation drops him two weapons cases containing a M314 mini-gun and a custom-made rocket launcher for use in combat. Shortly afterwards, Nemesis uses his rocket launcher to kill a S.T.A.R.S. sniper that fires upon him and uses it twice in his first battle with Alice, blowing up a police car and the bottom of a garbage chute but failing to kill her.

After arriving at Raccoon City Hall, Nemesis is ordered to discard his weaponry to fight Alice in unarmed combat. While Nemesis retrieves his mini-gun after changing sides, for most of the fight he ignores his rocket launcher. After Alice is cornered by two Umbrella attack helicopters, Nemesis steps in and uses his rocket launcher to destroy one. Debris from the first destroyed helicopter takes out the second, but the wreckage of one of the helicopters he shot down crushes Nemesis as a result.

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