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— The Nemesis' only spoken word

Nemesis sound STARS

Nemesis-T Type (ネメシス-T型 nemeshishu-tī-gata?) was a series of experimental Bio Organic Weapons. Created by Umbrella Europe's No. 6 Laboratory, the Nemesis-T Types were the culmination of the Nemesis Project with the successful implantation of NE-α parasites within T-103 hosts, presenting Umbrella with a highly intelligent and powerful creature. Several Nemesis-T Types were produced, though only one is known to have experienced combat. This Nemesis was nicknamed the "Pursuer (追跡者 tuisekisha?)".

Model history


Umbrella Pharmaceuticals ultimate goal was the creation of Bio Organic Weaponry to sell to the US Army and, through accumulated revenue, fund its own eugenics program. A major flaw found during the t-Virus Project was that sub-par intelligence was an almost unavoidable side-effect and, as a result, R&D projects typically ruled against the practicality of uncontrollable B.O.W.s on the battlefield.[2][3][excerpt 1] Though the Hunter Project was promising, the clone species' intelligence still limited them to knowing thirty commands. To become truly military-grade, Umbrella needed to develop B.O.W.s with near or like human intelligence.

By 1988 Umbrella USA and Umbrella Europe were competing to do just this. Umbrella USA's Arklay Laboratory set up the Tyrant Project, which aimed to create human mutants without loss of intelligence. Umbrella Europe's No.6 Laboratory, meanwhile, began the Nemesis Project, which aimed to create parasitic organisms that would take over brain functions in a B.O.W. host. Both projects reached impasses which would not be resolved for years to come, with the Tyrant Project lacking results for ten years until the completion of T-002, and the Nemesis Project finding no hosts which could survive the procedure.[2]


By the Summer of 1998, Umbrella USA had successfully created not only the T-002, but a series of genetically altered clones dubbed the "T-103"s. The destruction of the Arklay Laboratory following a biological disaster presented Umbrella with fresh concerns as to the reliability of its products after it emerged a small police team had not only succeeded in killing the failed and outdated prototypes but the T-002 itself. Restarting the Nemesis Project, Umbrella Europe requisitioned several of the new T-103 clones to serve as test subjects. The NE-α parasites planted within their bodies succeeded in hijacking brain functions without killing the hosts.[3] Soon after this procedure, however, at least two of the Nemesis-T Types demonstrated completely unexpected senses of ego and self-awareness, and made an attempt to escape from their laboratory.[4][excerpt 2]

The Pursuer

When Umbrella got word of a t-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Umbrella Europe began shipping its B.O.W.s over to the city to take advantage of the crisis. Per HQ's plan, the U.B.C.S. were to engage these B.O.W.s, and Monitors in the city were instructed to record the B.O.W.s' combat skills to verify their reliability as military products. One of the Nemesis-T Types, hereafter "The Pursuer", was deployed via helicopter,[5][excerpt 3] and given the instructions to hunt down and kill S.T.A.R.S. members, of whom it was shown photographs of so they could be recognized.[5][excerpt 4] Umbrella was incensed at S.T.A.R.S.' destruction of the T-002 and their attempts to out their bio-weapons research, and so chose its survivors as the Pursuer's targets. In tracking and killing them, it would prove its ability to recognize targets. It was also provided with a rocket launcher, which would test its ability to use weapons. Its mission to kill the remaining STARS members varies upon different accounts, but it would eventually be killed in the attempt, with its remains being vaporized when Raccoon City was destroyed by a missile strike.


On one account, the first S.T.A.R.S. member the Pursuer spotted was Alpha Team's pilot, Brad Vickers, on or before the night of 28 September. Vickers was chased across Uptown Raccoon City and attacked and seriously wounded at the Raccoon Police Station.[6] Alpha Team member Jill Valentine was with Vickers at the time, and the Pursuer began stalking her across the city. It did not, however, attack at all opportunities; while Valentine talked with UBCS survivors inside a tram, the Pursuer watched from a distance to assess the situation and identified the three survivors as secondary targets.[5][excerpt 5] Aware of the Pursuer and having orders to study it, UBCS Monitor Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev faked his death in the hopes he would not be recognized as a target. This plan failed, though the Pursuer did not kill him. As the group escaped on the tram, the Pursuer made its move and boarded it, where it was shot at repeatedly by Cpt. Mikhail Viktor. Viktor detonated a grenade in an attempt to kill the B.O.W. in a suicide bombing, but was unsuccessful. Within the Tyrant, the NE-α parasite began secreting chemicals to enhance its body, and it became stronger as a result.

To deny Valentine and Cpl. Carlos Oliveira a chance to escape via a UBCS helicopter, the Pursuer fired a rocket at it, resulting in the destruction of the helicopter and much of the St. Michael Clock Tower. In a fight with Valentine, the Pursuer succeeded in infecting her with a t-Virus strain. It was, however, unable to kill her due to the intervention of Cpl. Oliveira, who destroyed its rocket launcher. The Pursuer staggered through the clock tower ruins, but finally collapsed unconscious in the flames.

Though it made no apparent effort to kill Valentine while she lay unconscious for two days at the clock tower, it turned its attention to Cpl. Oliveira while he searched for a vaccine. On the early hours of 1 October, it made its way to Raccoon City's industrial zone to the north and cornered a recovered Valentine at a bridge over the Circular River. Rather than fight the creature, Valentine jumped into the water below. The two met again within Umbrella's Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, a facility used to process biowaste. There, the Pursuer was sealed within a chamber for dumping biowaste into a treatment tank. The T-103 body was virtually destroyed by the treatment chemicals, though the parasite survived and escaped. It fed on the remains of another T-103, causing it and the remnants of its host body to merge and mutate into a hideous blob of flesh with tentacles and a jagged beak.[7] Valentine was able to activate Paracelsus' Sword, an experimental US Army rail cannon, which caused further trauma to the B.O.W., and it was finally killed by a series of Magnum rounds.


Another account is that the Pursuer was deployed to Valentine's apartment building while she was on house arrest following an attempt to investigate Umbrella's B.O.W. projects. It chased the S.T.A.R.S. agent throughout the building before trapping itself inside after trying to kill her with a large chunk of debris. The Pursuer eventually caught up to Valentine at a parking garage, destroying a helicopter trying to evacuate her before advancing on its primary target. Valentine attempted to defend herself by hijacking a car and ramming the Pursuer with it, accidentally driving off the roof when the mutant broke through the windshield and attempted to strangle her. Barely inconvenienced by the fall and the subsequent explosion of the car, the Pursuer closed in on a badly-injured Valentine, only to be incapacitated by Carlos Oliveira's Rocket Launcher.

The Pursuer eventually recovered and resumed its hunt for Valentine, finding her leaving the power plant after reactivating power to Raccoon City's subway system. Now armed with a flamethrower, it chased its quarry through a building slated for demolition, setting much of the structure ablaze as it cornered Valentine on the roof. In an attempt to kill her adversary, Valentine shot the fuel tank of the Pursuer's flamethrower, rendering the weapon inoperable while setting it and its wielder ablaze; however, this was only a brief reprieve from the monster's assault. After taking further damage from Valentine, the Pursuer collapsed on the burning roof as its prey fled once more.

Valentine didn't get much further than the street next to the building before the Pursuer attacked once again, arming itself with a laser-guided rocket launcher. Valentine eventually met up with Oliveira, who helped her distance themselves from the Pursuer by blowing it up with a claymore mine. Undeterred, the Pursuer managed to board the train that Valentine and the UBCS squad were using to evacuate the survivors of Raccoon City, killing all the civilians before attacking Valentine and UBCS officer Mikhail Viktor in the next car. It shrugged off Viktor's gunfire before impaling him with a tentacle and dragging him into its grasp; this gave Viktor the chance to blow himself up with a block of C4, derailing the train in a attempt to kill the Pursuer and save Valentine.

Seriously damaged by Viktor's sacrifice, the Pursuer stumbled out of the subway station and fell into a river, briefly leading Valentine to believe that it had finally perished. Her hopes were swiftly quashed when her adversary returned yet again, having mutated into a gigantic monster with some resemblance to a Licker. Barely keeping ahead of the rampaging creature, Valentine is forced to fight the Pursuer in the Clock Tower courtyard; successfully incapacitating it with a grenade launcher before chopping off one of its arms with a large metal gate when it tried to grab her. The damage caused the Pursuer to pass out, but not before infecting Valentine with a gigantic tentacle released from its damaged arm.

When Oliveira returned to the Clock Tower courtyard half a day after Valentine's battle with the Pursuer, the monster had vanished, likely retreating to recover from its injuries. Several days later, the fully-recovered Pursuer found Valentine again in the underground labs of NEST2. With the former Alpha Team member forced to fight thanks to Nikolai's treachery, Oliveira assists her by keeping an eye on the Pursuer as it runs around the arena while Valentine deals with the Zombies Nikolai drops. After the Pursuer is weakened by the damage Valentine inflicts, Oliveira uses a large crane to knock it out and lift Valentine out of the area before he floods it with acid.

While the acid bath proved insufficient to stop the Pursuer, the trauma forced it to mutate once again. Having grown into a blob-like, building-sized monstrosity with gigantic tentacles and arms, it burst through the wall of an empty hanger to make one last attempt to kill its primary target. In response, Valentine attacked her assailant with the FINGeR, an experimental railgun developed by Umbrella's scientists to terminate rogue experiments. After being shot several times, the Pursuer finally meets its end when Valentine shoved the railgun down its throat and fired; the resulting blast vaporized the Pursuer and blasted a giant hole through the entire facility. 



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