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The Nemesis-T Type (ネメシス-T型 nemeshishu-tī-gata?) was an experimental B.O.W. created at Umbrella Europe's No. 6 Laboratory. Although outwardly resembling a mutilated T-103 Tyrant, the creature was, in fact, a composite being with all brain functions controlled by the Nemesis parasite (or "NE-α") of which it was named after. Only one known Nemesis-T Type was manufactured, dubbed the "Pursuer (追跡者 tuisekisha?)".

Model historyEdit


Nemesis-T Type is the result of extensive independent research pioneered by Umbrella USA and Umbrella Europe to create a functional bio-weapon that could reliably take the place of soldiers on the battlefield. The American team pioneered by the Arklay Laboratory had created a number of powerful bio-weapon series such as the Hunter and Tyrant, but their intelligence was limited to following only basic orders like a trained animal. The French team at the No. 6 Laboratory, however, focused on creating intelligent bioweapons that could follow an array of orders but lacked any bio-weapons that could survive being hosts to their NE-α parasite. Sometime in 1998, the two Umbrella divisions were able to work together, and a T-103 was parasitized by the Nemesis parasite.[2]

Raccoon City deploymentEdit

When Umbrella got word of a t-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Umbrella Europe began sending its B.O.W.s over to the city to be deployed. Per HQ's plan, the UBCS were to engage these B.O.W.s, and Monitors in the city were instructed to record the B.O.W.s' combat skills to verify their reliability as military products. The Nemesis-T Type was deployed via helicopter,[3][excerpt 1] and given the instructions to hunt down and kill S.T.A.R.S. members, of whom it was shown photographs of so they could be recognized.[3][excerpt 2] Umbrella was incensed at S.T.A.R.S.' destruction of the T-002 and their attempts to out their bio-weapons research, and so chose its survivors as Nemesis-T's targets. In tracking and killing them, it would prove its ability to recognize targets. It was also provided with a rocket launcher, which would test its ability to use weapons.

The first S.T.A.R.S. member Nemesis-T spotted was Alpha Team's pilot, Brad Vickers, on or before the night of 28 September. Vickers was chased across Uptown Raccoon City and attacked and seriously wounded at the Raccoon Police Station.[4] Alpha Team member Jill Valentine was with Vickers at the time, and Nemesis-T began stalking her across the city. It did not, however, attack at all opportunities; while Valentine talked with UBCS survivors inside a tram, Nemesis-T watched from a distance to assess the situation and identified the three survivors as secondary targets.[3][excerpt 3] Aware of Nemesis-T and having orders to study it, UBCS Monitor Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev faked his death in the hopes he would not be recognized as a target. This plan failed, though Nemesis-T did not kill him. As the group escaped on the tram, Nemesis-T made its move and boarded it, where it was shot at repeatedly by Cpt. Mikhail Viktor. Viktor detonated a grenade in an attempt to kill the B.O.W. in a suicide bombing but was unsuccessful. Within the Tyrant, the NE-α parasite began secreting chemicals to enhance its body, and it became stronger as a result.

To deny Valentine and Cpl. Carlos Oliveira a chance to escape via a UBCS helicopter, Nemesis-T fired a rocket at it, resulting in the destruction of the helicopter and much of the St. Michael Clock Tower. In a fight with Valentine, Nemesis-T succeeded in infecting her with an enhanced t-Virus strain. It was, however, unable to kill her due to the intervention of Cpl. Oliveira, who destroyed its rocket launcher. Nemesis-T staggered through the clock tower ruins, but finally collapsed unconscious in the flames.

Though it made no apparent effort to kill Valentine while she lay unconscious for two days at the clock tower, it turned its attention to Cpl. Oliveira while he searched for a vaccine. On the early hours of 1 October, it made its way to Raccoon City's industrial zone to the north and cornered Valentine at a bridge over the Circular River. Rather than fight the creature, Valentine jumped into the water below. The two met again within Umbrella's Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, a facility used to process biowaste. There, Nemesis-T was sealed within a chamber for dumping biowaste into a treatment tank. Nemesis-T was severely injured by the chemicals but was able to escape into an adjacent scrap yard where it confronted Valentine a final time. At this point the Tyrant was little more than a tentacled blob of flesh encasing the NE-α parasite, and was dependent on consuming a deceased T-103 for sustenance. Valentine was able to activate Paracelsus' Sword, an experimental US Army rail cannon, which caused further trauma to the B.O.W., and it was finally killed by a series of Magnum rounds.


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  2. Excerpt from Famitsu interview with Yasuhisa Kawamura: Q4. How does the Pursuer seem to find S.T.A.R.S. members? A4. The Pursuer's development team were also in charge of educating it; an officer would bait the Pursuer with footage of the S.T.A.R.S. members. Since the Pursuer is intelligent, it understood and carried out its orders.
  3. Excerpt from Famitsu interview with Yasuhisa Kawamura: Q18. Why did the Pursuer kill Nikolai? A18. The Pursuer saw Nikolai and Jill interact, watching them talking several times and recognised Nikolai as an associate of Jill's. "That woman is dangerous......" - his concern became a reality and he lost his life.
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