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— The Nemesis' only spoken word

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The Nemesis-T Type (also known as the "Pursuer") was an experimental form of intelligent Tyrant created by the Umbrella Europe Sixth Laboratory in France under the direct administration of Umbrella Headquarters. Its purpose was to prove that a t-Virus infected creature could retain most of its intelligence and follow specific orders. It was named after Nemesis, the ancient Greek goddess of divine vengeance.

Model historyEdit


The European branch of Umbrella originally developed the Nemesis as an offshoot of the American-led Tyrant project, with the emphasis on increasing the host's intelligence and ability to follow orders without compromising the Tyrant's inherent strength and power. The breakthrough came with the creation of the NE-α Type parasite. This parasite could take control of its host's brainstem and act as a second brain replacing the host's now useless original one.[2]

Raccoon City deploymentEdit

The Umbrella Corporation deployed the Nemesis to hunt down and kill the surviving members of the S.T.A.R.S. team, who had been a thorn in the corporation's side since the original Mansion Incident with the company seeing a chance to deal with them in the chaos of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.[citation needed] The Nemesis claimed its first victim in the form of S.T.A.R.S. pilot, Brad Vickers, chasing him to the Raccoon City Police Department where, cornering the injured man outside the front doors, the monster killed him instantly by using an extending tentacle to impale Vickers through the head as Jill Valentine looked on in horror.[3]

The Hunt For JillEdit

Nemesis Brad

The Nemesis, after killing Brad.

After killing Brad, the Nemesis chucks his dead body aside and advances on Jill. Depending on player choice, Jill either runs immediately into the police station or attempts to retrieve Brad's S.T.A.R.S ID card from his corpse and then heads into the station or stays to fight him in front of the police station. Once inside, the Nemesis is unable to get past the front doors and is kept temporarily at bay. However, after Jill is contacted by Carlos Oliveira of the UBCS via a radio in the S.T.A.R.S office, the Nemesis bursts through a window and continues its pursuit, now armed with a rocket launcher. However, Jill is able to evade him and escapes the precinct.

Jill evaded the Nemesis multiple times as she explored the city, each time barely escaping with her life. Having encountered Oliveira and his squad and repairing the trolley car, Jill with her new ally Carlos, continue their perilous trek through the city, but once again the Nemesis is able to catch up to them. It breaks inside the train with ease, where the injured UBCS mercenary Mikhail Victor manages to keep it occupied long enough to blow up the train car with a grenade, forfeiting his life but successfully incapacitating the monster, which is blown out of the trolley onto a burning heap on the road.

Despite managing to reach St. Michael Clock Tower in the northern part of Raccoon City, the Nemesis relentlessly tracks Jill down inside the tower, following her to the clock tower's balcony. Depending on the player's choices, Jill may either electrify the monster by throwing an electrical wire into the puddle of water on which the Nemesis is standing therefore temporarily stunning him, or Jill can turn the spotlights on to blind the monster, then push him off the balcony. After Jill rings the bell and seemingly summons the rescue chopper, the Nemesis comes back, even shooting down the rescue chopper summoned to her aid with its rocket launcher. In the burning ruins of the tower's courtyard, Jill is forced to confront the Nemesis. Using the same tentacle that it used to kill Vickers, the Nemesis is able to infect Jill with the t-Virus before the battle even begins. Nevertheless, with the help of Carlos, she unloads on the Nemesis with a barrage of heavy firepower and explosives, destroying the monster's rocket launcher and finally warding off the monster itself. Severely crippled, the Nemesis staggers towards a fire and falls in. Now with much of its Power Limiter burned off, the Nemesis begins an uncontrolled second mutation as a host of writhing tentacles erupt from its body.

This seemingly indestructible monster reappears again while Carlos is returning from a trip to a local hospital with a vaccine for Jill. Battering its way through a brick wall, and now brandishing a host of tentacles erupting from its arm, it attempts to stop Carlos, who makes a beeline for Jill and is able to administer the cure. Though she manages to lose the monster for some time in Raccoon Park, she encounters the Nemesis again waiting on the bridge to the Dead Factory, where she eludes it by jumping into the river below. Making her way through the facility, Jill is later forced to battle the Nemesis for a third time in the plant's waste disposal room. Using the chemical taps located around the chamber, she is able to burn and maim the monster before dumping it into the plant's dissolving pool.

Perhaps finally believing the Nemesis to be gone for good, Jill heads for the facility power plant hoping to find a way to escape the city. Inside the plant, she finds evidence of a recent battle between United States Army Special Forces and Umbrella B.O.W.s, with a large rail-gun having been installed inside the chamber. At that moment the Nemesis reappears, having somehow withstood being submerged in the acid. Now little more than a quivering mound of flesh, the creature squirms over to a dead Tyrant (T-103 Model) and begins feeding upon it. This triggers a final mutation, with the Nemesis becoming a huge tentacled organism which, despite having lost all vestiges of human intelligence[citation needed], is even more resistant to damage and can now spit a deadly venom over large distances.

Jill quickly realizes that her only defense is the rail-gun, and after a series of direct hits, the Nemesis finally appears to be vanquished. As Jill heads for the door, however, the creature begins to stir. Eager to be rid of it once and for all, Jill picks up a discarded magnum and empties the gun into what's left of the monster, and with a shudder, the Nemesis finally dies, its organic matter slowly dissolving into nothing. It should be noted, though, that the player can also choose to leave the Nemesis there, in which case it may have succumbed to its wounds and died before it had been vaporized when Raccoon City was destroyed.


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