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The Nemesis-T Type is a T-103 Tyrant clone and thus possesses all of the conventional attributes of a T-103 Tyrant ranging from superhuman strength, resilience and regeneration [1] as well as limited intelligence. However, unlike its brethren, it has been further augmented by the Nemesis α parasite, giving it newer enhanced abilities.

Intelligence Edit

Thanks to the Nemesis α parasite hijacking the body, Nemesis-T Type not only possess human-level intelligence, but it also demonstrates rational thinking and self-awareness, allowing it to solve complex tasks on its own, such as the handling of weaponry in combat.[2][excerpt 1]

Physiology Edit

Due to the chemical secretions of the Nemesis α parasite, the Tyrant host's skin has suffered from brown staining giving it a corroded appearance.[2] These secretions also have regenerative properties, which further enhance the existing regenerative abilities of the Tyrant. However, the effects of continual t-Virus exposure means that the more times Nemesis-T is injured, the greater it will mutate.[3][excerpt 2] Rather than possessing a Power Limiter, the Nemesis-T's mutations are theoretically kept in check by protecting its body with a thick coat designed to protect it from bullets and explosions.[2][3]

Further mutations Edit

Unlike its brethren, the Nemesis-T Type undergoes unique regenerative mutations. When in the field, the Nemesis-T prototype suffered from severe mutations during its experiences in Raccoon City. Its coat was shredded when its rocket launcher exploded, and soon after it passed out in the burning ruins of the St. Michael Clock Tower.

The explosion and subsequent fire injuries accumulated in its body, and caused further mutation. Unlike most Tyrant series who usually develop thicker skin and clawed arms, the Nemesis Alpha's tentacles became larger to serve as a weapon, but at the cost of damaging the brain-stem.[3] This mutation could be attributed to the parasite's presence in the host, whose exposure to the t-Virus may have accelerated their mutation when damaged.

At Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, Nemesis-T was dropped into a vat of treatment chemicals designed for destroying biological waste. The Nemesis α survived, though the Tyrant's body was virtually destroyed. Having suffered catastrophic injury, the parasite devoured the corpse of another T-103 and transformed what remained of the host body into a blob-like organism. Lacking functional limbs, it instead crawled on the ground, and with its damaged head becoming a mouth piece.[4][excerpt 3]



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