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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Nemesis is encountered many times throughout the game. When confronted, the player can either exit the area to run away from it or do enough damage to it to temporary bring it down. However, it can follow the player from some areas to other areas, but it cannot go into save rooms. If the player does enter a save room while they are being chased by Nemesis, he will appear outside, waiting for the player.

The Nemesis is encountered eleven times throughout the game. The Nemesis wields and uses a Rocket Launcher at three specific times: the encounter inside of the RPD; when the player is outside of the Umbrella sales office or outside of the substation (depending on player progression), and outside the Clock Tower after contacting the helicopter (if the player decided to jump out the window). From his eleven encounters, the player can run away on eight. However three of them must be fought: after he takes down the UBCS helicopter, and the last two encounters in the P-12A plant. If the player decides to run away from him, special music will start playing. This means that the Nemesis could appear anywhere, anytime. Also, whenever he's chasing you and you enter in a Save Room, the music will change. When this "stalking" music ends, the Nemesis has stopped chasing the player, and will not appear until the next scheduled encounter. The fight in the cable car is completely optional as trying to escape or trying to fight leads to the same outcome cutscene. Also, of all other optional fights, the Nemesis will never follow you during the City Hall encounter - he will always remain in that area, no matter which room you escape to. Note that Nemesis' first priority is Jill even when fighting him as Carlos. The Nemesis can disengage Carlos and run to finish off Jill. If the Nemesis kills Carlos when playing as Jill, or breaks down the door to Jill when playing as Carlos it's game over.

The Nemesis will always outrun the player given enough distance. Strong weapons like Grenade Launchers will only sometimes stagger it.

Nemesis will drop items during optional encounters if given enough damage. It will not drop items inside the Cable car, in the Clock Tower's courtyard, Waste Disposal and final battles. The items dropped by the Nemesis on hard mode are, in order of defeats:

Interestingly, Nemesis can be lured to areas where other enemies are still present. If the zombies or other creatures are in his way to reaching Jill, he will attack them instead before going for Jill. He cannot attack zombies that are crawling, however.

In the Operation: Mad Jackal minigame, two Nemesis can be encountered in the alley behind Jack's Bar.


The Nemesis has seven unique moves in its First form. This is followed by five in its second form, and eight in its third.

Names and stats are provided by the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK.[1]

Attack Damage Form Description
Right/left punch (右/左パンチ Migi/hidari panchi?) 20 First Punch while walking (even with the rocket launcher). Usually starts with his right hand, unless he's carrying the rocket launcher.
Dash punch (ダッシュパンチ dasshupanchi?) 25 First Punch from running (even with the rocket launcher). Wind up run can be skipped, if Nemesis is close to the target.
Throw grab (つかみ投げ Tsukami nage?) 25 First Left hand grab followed by a throw either to the front or behind Nemesis
Skewer stab (くし刺し Kushi-zashi?) 5 (+ Instant Death) First Left hand grab with Nemesis' right hand preparing tentacle impale attack. Deals 5 damage. If not escaped, instantly kills. Character always auto-escapes while on Fine status. Usually initiated after the Throw grab
Rocket Launcher (ロケットランチャー Rokettoranchā ?) 40 (30) / 60 (50) First Readies the launcher and fires a rocket (5 available per fight). Doesn't initiate grabs until discarding the launcher. First number is damage during encounters before the Cable car. Second - during the courtyard fight (if Jill jumps out of the window of the cable car). Damage in brackets is for when the character is grabbed by another enemy.
Tentacle cleave (触手なぎ払い Shokushu nagiharai?) 20 First Sideways tentacle attack (used during the Courtyard fight if Jill uses emergency breaks in the cable car)
Tentacle thrust (触手突き Shokushu tsuki?) 25 First Piercing tentacle thrust (used during the Courtyard fight if Jill uses emergency breaks in the cable car)
Grated (振りおろし Suri oroshi?) 15 Second Downwards tentacle attack
Pull (引き寄せ Hikiyose?) 0 (5) Second Floor-level tentacle swing. If Pull cannot be initiated, does 5 points of damage. Otherwise doesn't damage.
Cleave (なぎ払い Nagiharai?) 30 Second Sideways tentacle attack
Thrust (突き Tsuki?) 40 Second Piercing tentacle thrust (used during the Treatment room fight, after Nemesis loses one hand)
Slammed (たたきつけ Tatakitsuke?) 51 Second Tentacle grab-slam attack. Damage per 1 slam. Can perform 2 slams in one grab
Grated (振りおろし Suri oroshi?) 50 Third Front body slam
Right cleave (右なぎ払い Migi nagiharai?) 30 Third Front tentacle sideways attack
Back cleave (背面なぎ払い Haimen nagiharai?) 10 Third Back tentacle sideways attack
Rib Scissor (肋骨はさみ Rokkotsu hasami?) Instant death Third Back rib-mouth impale attack (only when Jill is behind Nemesis)
Fluid injection (体液射出 Taieki shashutsu?) 30 Third Fluid spit attack (can perform several in quick succession)
Counter fluid (カウンター体液 Kauntā taieki?) 5 Third Small spits of fluid from the body when taking damage
Fluid spraying (体液散布 Taieki sanpu?) 5 Third Small constant spits of fluid from the body after taking some damage
Fluid pool (体液だまり Taieki damari?) 1 Third Small pools of fluid on the ground from fluid sprays

A single punch can lower the player's health a whole level, The Nemesis possesses an instant kill attack which he will employ if the player is grabbed on Caution health or lower.


Nemesis is a particularly dangerous and clever opponent in game and can prove a challenge for first time players to beat, especially if attempting to claim the special items he drops in his first form (where he is most dangerous and appears most often).

  • Keep at a medium distance. Try to avoid having the Nemesis chase you. He will almost always win and club you down. He will occasionally start running even if you're close to him, if this happens, try to avoid him if you can or take the hit and heal with a green herb. He will usually follow you from area to area, but not always.
  • The best way to defeat the Nemesis is to shoot grenade freeze rounds at him. This will slow down the Nemesis and at the same time deals high damage to the monster.
  • The Nemesis will always grab with his left hand, therefore you can avoid this most damaging attack easily by always running around to his right. He may still punch you, but this is infinitely preferable to being grabbed.
  • If you are grabbed and thrown, repeatedly tap the D-Pad, Square, L1, L2, R1, R2, Circle, and X buttons to get up quickly. If the Nemesis gets to you first, he can pick you up again and often instantly kill you. Getting up gets harder, the lower your health is.
  • If you are grabbed, hit every button to escape. You can tell if the Nemesis is preparing his tentacle by the purple-yellow slime that issues from his hand. If on caution and lower, escape sequence gets harder. On Danger escaping the tentacle stab is practically impossible, so don't get grabbed on low health.
  • If facing the Nemesis with his Rocket Launcher, run. His rockets can be avoided but it's easier to simply avoid him and wait for another chance when he's unarmed. After he fires 5 shots from his rocket launcher, he discards it and resorts to melee attacks. If he is armed with the Rocket Launcher, he will also use it as a heavy club, running up to the player and using melee attacks with it, causing heavy damage. In this case, run to his left, as he is holding it in his right hand.
  • The Nemesis will drop to the floor after taking much damage, but will soon rise again even more aggressive and unpredictable than before. He can be damaged while on the floor and rising again. If beaten for a second time, he will fall and stay down (for now) in a pool of purple blood, and you can claim your reward.
  • Due to Nemesis's A.I, he will occasionally have trouble walking around corners[2], and this is more evident when he is unarmed. If the player can successfully get him stuck on a corner, he will be open to multiple free shots, heavily mitigating the danger of fighting him.

Nemesis becomes slightly easier to kill after the clock tower fight, where he appears a lot less. Although this Nemesis (called Tentacle Nemesis by fans) gains a whole host of new longer range attacks, he is generally slower (albeit still capable of running).

Against the first two mutations, use any weapon in your arsenal to drop him. The shotgun is powerful but short ranged so to achieve a decent hit, the recoil can leave you vulnerable to a counterattack. The Grenade Launcher or Magnum is very effective, but the ammunition is rare. Bizarrely enough, a good weapon to use (if you're confident in your abilities) is the Eagle pistol as it's fast and can be shot several times at him before he is able to get close enough to counter, by which time an experienced player will have already moved around him to a new position. Repeating this process can see the Nemesis beaten saving your more powerful ammunition. Another alternative way is to use the grenade freeze rounds since it slows him down and deals enough damage to him

The Dead Factory fight against Tentacle Nemesis is reasonably easy as he is severely weakened in the pre-battle cutscene and moves much slower than during any previous encounter. This Nemesis can be beaten either by shooting the taps around the room when he is close, or using conventional firepower. Note, that damage by taps and damage by firepower do not stack, so stick to the method of your choosing from the start so not to waste ammo. As he cannot run, keeping at a distance is recommended for this fight. During the fight, Nemesis's ability to fight can be reduced even more if the player can cause the acid to be poured on him. The first time will cause the tentacles outside his right arm to fall off, the second will cause his left arm to fall, and if he still gets hit a third time, his head will fall off, rendering him blind, and causing him to attack wildly. If Nemesis still has his head, he can still back away from taps that are already flowing.

The final mutation can only be defeated with the Railgun and should be lured into its path three times to defeat. Shooting it very often with other strong weapons such as the Magnum or the Rocket Launcher can damage it to the point that even one or two shots from the Railgun are enough to kill it, but it's better to simply stay out of this Nemesis' sight as although slow, its attacks are extremely damaging. Note that the very first Railgun attack will never hit neither Nemesis nor Jill. All subsequent attacks, apart from the killing blow, will do heavy damage to both Nemesis and Jill, should they be in the way. The killing blow can never hurt Jill as it is a cut-scene kill that is initiated if Nemesis is in the way of the Railgun shot, while having a certain amount of health or lower. After Nemesis is defeated with the Railgun, a Live Selection event will appear making the players to decide if to escape to the next room immediately, or finishing the monster off. If the player doesn't decide anything, Nemesis will spit acid, poisoning the player. You should base your decision on the amount of time you still have before the missile hit.

In the Operation: Mad Jackal mini-game, it is possible for the player to get the two Nemesis in each other's path, and they will often kill each other, still giving the player points for their death (especially if a player uses a knife at that moment).

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Only Nemesis' first and second forms were shown in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Its final mutated form was not featured. Additionally, the fight locations are edited; He is first encountered breaking through the ceiling of the second floor lobby. After his initial defeat, he will reappear at the emergency stairwell, where he continues to chase the player to the underground parking garage. He appears for a third time at the main hall, now wielding a rocket launcher that must be destroyed. Chasing the player to the rooftop, where he is lured to barrels of fuel, the players soon attack the barrels, burning off his protective coat, and causing him to mutate to his second form, beginning the actual boss fight. After his defeat, he plummets from the R.P.D's roof, presumably to his death.

Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Roaming Encounters

Like his original counterpart, Nemesis will pursue the player once they are in sight, occasionally running at Jill or using his tentacle to stab at her from range. Just like the T-00, Nemesis can regenerate health when downed, teleport to different spawn points on a map, and be unable to access certain buildings/rooms; unlike his predecessor, he can wait outside the entrance instead of wandering off, making exit more difficult unless the safe room has multiple exits. If Jill escapes his programmed range, Nemesis will use his tentacle like a grappling hook to jump out of sight, returning once Jill exits a safe spot into his view. He can also use his new mobility to intercept Jill's path, either jumping or grappling forward to land in front of her. Compared to the T-00 in the previous remake, Nemesis is significantly less durable; however, he can still take a fair bit of damage before he staggers. Jill should make use of grenades and environmental hazards (such as generators or explosive barrels) to damage Nemesis or leave him vulnerable to follow-up gunfire. As in the original Resident Evil 3, Nemesis will drop cases containing special items if he takes enough damage; he'll be immune to further harm at that point, so use the stun period to grab the drop and escape.

First Battle (Condemned Building Rooftop)

When Nemesis corners Jill on top of the burning building, he'll attempt to burn her to death with his flamethrower. His attacks have wide range, but can be blocked by hiding behind the stacks of planks; keep in mind that they'll eventually catch fire, however. When Nemesis stops to vent his flamethrower (indicated by him raising it as the sides open and vent steam with an audible hiss), get behind him and shoot his back-mounted fuel tank.

Once the fuel tank explodes, Nemesis will be briefly stunned; take the opportunity to shoot him. After recovering, he'll wield his inoperable flamethrower like a club, performing charging attacks and wide swings that leave fiery trails. Dodge his attacks and retaliate whenever possible; the slowdown effect of a perfect dodge can help immensely.

Second Battle (Clock Tower Courtyard)

The newly-mutated Nemesis attacks by running up to Jill and attempting to smash her with his forelimbs; these attacks have a delay, so use that to get clear of the strikes. Nemesis is vulnerable to Flame Rounds, which can make him stagger while setting him alight; be warned that he'll be immune to further stuns while still aflame.

After taking some damage, Nemesis will roar (stunning Jill for a while) before circling the courtyard, eventually scaling the Clock Tower to set up a pounce attack. To prevent this, shoot a Mine Round into Nemesis's path (or onto the boss itself) and detonate it to knock him back to the ground. This stuns Nemesis and exposes the NE-Alpha parasite for a while; shoot it to deal extra damage.

Third Battle (NEST-2 Disposal Room)

Nemesis attacks almost identically to his previous battle; dodge the strikes and use Flame Rounds to stun him. After he takes enough damage, a cutscene will play and he'll begin running around the walls of the arena; Zombies (and Pale Heads on higher difficulties) will spawn to keep Jill occupied, but Carlos will warn you which tank Nemesis is clinging to - shoot the red panels on the indicated tank to electrocute him and drop him back to the ground with his weak point exposed. Shooting the red panels to electrocute Nemesis while he's on a tank can result in Carlos assisting Jill by controlling the crane and slamming him with it, dealing large amounts of damage. Nemesis will alternate between direct attacks and circling the arena now; continue dodging, shooting, and tracking him until the next cutscene plays to mark his defeat. With his new tentacle appendage, Nemesis has a new long-ranged attack as part of his regular attack pattern, in which he will thrust his tentacle arm across to stab the player. In the later stages of the battle, Nemesis will use his strongest attack pattern in the form of a combo/barrage using his tentacle arm, in which he swipes and slams his tentacle across the arena in a set number of times. Perfectly dodging these attacks are highly recommended as they are extremely powerful and multiple hits from each subsequent attack could easily result in death. Running away across the arena and staying clear from his tentacle's range at a safe distance until the attack combo is finished is a recommended strategy.

Final Battle (NEST-2 FINGeR Testing Range)

As soon as the cutscene ends, turn around and run to the case at the opposite end of the room from Nemesis. Jill will acquire the Ferromagnetic Infantry Next Generation Railgun, which drastically lowers her movement but gives her the means to harm Nemesis; simply aim and fire. The shot deals significant damage, but forces the railgun to recharge; fortunately, Jill puts the FINGeR away in the cutscene.

Once the player regains control, they should aim for the pink pustules that appear on Nemesis's body, avoiding its claw swipes and slam attacks, as well as the acid that explodes from a destroyed pustule. Once all of the pustules are destroyed, Nemesis will be briefly stunned; use the time to run to one of the three dislodged (red-glowing) power cells and push it back into position. The animation is lengthy, so try to put Jill as close to a cell as you can before stunning Nemesis. If Nemesis recovers from its stunned state, pushing any of the power cells will result in him instantly killing the player by grabbing and biting down on Jill. Nemesis has three phases correlating to the three power cells and it becomes more aggressive as each cell is pushed into place. The last phase can be skipped if the player is able to push into place more than one power cell while Nemesis is stunned. Since one of the cells are near the back of the room, going for this cell on Nemesis' first phase is recommended. Once all three cells are in position, the FINGeR will recharge. Head back to its case and line up another shot; in the following cutscene, follow the button prompts to finish Nemesis once and for all.

On higher difficulties such as Nightmare and Inferno, Nemesis will employ his slam attacks in a combo and recover from his stunned state at a much faster rate. Perfectly dodging any of its attacks is essentially required since the damage inflicted by one slam or claw swipe can instantly kill the player, though Shop items such as defense coins can mitigate this by putting the player in Danger status instead after one hit. The acid that explodes from a destroyed pustule is wider in range and multiplied to cover more of the room. Nemesis is also capable of letting out a roar that can momentarily stun the player, in which the player must rapidly press any button to recover else Nemesis will attack the stunned player.

Resident Evil: Resistance

Nikolai Zinoviev can summon and control Nemesis as his Ultimate Skill. It has four moves:

  • Jab Cross – Nemesis will punch in front of him. This move has no cooldown.
  • Tentacle Scythe – Nemesis puts his hand on the ground and spawn a tentacle from the ground, it will Survivor(s) from a distance. This move has a cooldown 5 seconds.
  • Accelerate – Nemesis makes a roar, stunning the Survivors for a short time and gaining the ability to run for a 15 seconds. This move has a cooldown 10 seconds after run duration is over.
  • Exterminate – Nemesis calls on the rocket launcher from which it makes only one shot, dealing Area-of-Effect damage to the Survivors if hit near them. If a rocket hits the Survivor on their bodies, it will deal 1200 damage. If necessary, it can recall the rocket launcher without firing a shot. This move has a cooldown 15 seconds after shot.



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