Further notes
  • Yoshinori Matsushita was behind the design for the Nemesis-T Type. The third form was made to capture the suffering of the Tyrant body being mutilated into that of an upside-down four-legged animal.[1][excerpt 1]
  • There is a Nemesis Report File in the Biohazard 3: Last Escape Complete Domination Official Guidebook, a non-canon Chinese publication from GAMEPLAYERS MAGAZINE.
  • In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, when the Nemesis gets his coat burned off, he retains largely the same proportions as before. In Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, a large mass of flesh and spikes appears on Nemesis's upper body with his ribcage visible; a possible reference to his Type 3 form.
  • Nemesis appears as a boss in the Raccoon City level from Under the Skin.
  • Nemesis appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom series. Nemesis was initially first appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds as a non-playable character who only appeared in Hulk's ending, until he becomes a playable fighter in both Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. In Infinite, Nemesis only appear in the story mode's Mind Stone chapter.
  • Nemesis makes a small voice cameo in the rereleased Resident Evil 2 R.P.D. Demo. It can be heard saying it's iconic line beyond the outer wall nearest the entrance to the graveyard outside the R.P.D. building.


  1. Excerpt from Complete Conquest of Nemesis, p.80: "一番デザインに悩んだキャラで、 できるだけ気持ち悪さを出そうと心がけました。 ゲーム中ではわかりにくいかもしれませんが、 第3形態は追跡者の体内で寄生細胞が異常増殖して巨大化し、 身体が反転して仰向けの形で四足歩行と化したものです( 第3形態の背中から突出している長い牙状のものは胸郭から張り出した肋骨です)。".
  1. Complete Conquest of Nemesis, p.80.
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