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Nemesis T-Type (Pursuer) Notes is a file in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.



This B.O.W. is the result of combining a Nemesis parasite with a host Tyrant body. The introduced Nemesis parasite controls the host completely. Its improved intelligence gives it the capacity to follow orders as well as the ability to operate a variety of weaponry.

A protective coat was wrapped around it to provide protection against bullets and explosions as well as act as a fail-safe should it go out of control. Thanks to the parasite's secretions, the regenerative powers of the Nemesis T-type were incredible. Even if it were somehow stopped by an attack, it could mutate and evolve into a new form capable of withstanding further attacks. The new forms and their abilities are completely unpredictable.



この寄生生物の特性により命令を着実に実行することのできる知能や、 各種の武器を使いこなす判断力も持つ。

全身を包むコートは防弾、対爆仕様で、 万一の暴走を押さえる拘束衣の役割も持っている。

特筆すべきはその驚異的な再生能力で、 何らかの攻撃により行動停止状態になっても、 「ネメシス」の分泌液によって、 その攻撃に対抗する形で再生、 進化する。


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