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Neo Umbrella was a bioterrorist rebel faction which split from The Family, an Enlightenment Period fraternal group. Created by Dr. Carla Radames, Neo Umbrella's core goal was world destruction, in opposition with The Family's ideals. As of July 2013, Neo Umbrella is defunct following the death of Dr. Radames. It was not related to Blue Umbrella, an anti-bioterrorism private military company formed from the remnants of the original Umbrella Corporation, that was later involved in the 2014-2017 Baker House Incident.



Dr. Radames was a senior researcher in The Family's C-Virus Project. The Family, under its leader Derek C. Simmons, believed that bioweaponry was the future of warfare and that, as the United States' own bioweapons project had been shut down after the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, it was The Family's duty to develop weapons on its behalf to maintain US military dominance. Dr. Radames' research was a success, but she herself became the victim of Simmons' own plans to genetically engineer a duplicate of Ada Wong, a woman he loved but had shunned him years prior. Dr. Radames harboured a deep loathing for Simmons from this point on, and made preparations to destroy everything he believed in.

Dr. Radames, placed in charge of The Family's East Asian division against Simmons' better judgement, began siphoning off funds the construct a secret underwater complex where work on her ultimate doomsday weapon, Haos, began. Rather than maintain US military dominance, Dr. Radames planned to use The Family's resources to destroy the world.

Following the 2012 US presidential election, re-elected President Adam Benford began plans to publicly reveal the truth about Raccoon City and the US' role in Umbrella's bioweapons enterprise. To prevent this, The Family made plans to assassinate President Benford, and use the C-Virus to destroy Tall Oaks in the guise of a terrorist attack, then bomb the city and their own facilities in the US to prevent enemy nations using it for their own research. Before or during this planning stage, it was understood that Dr. Albert Wesker had a son, Jake Muller, living somewhere in southern Europe. Simmons made plans to extradite him to deny the world his blood, which could be used to create a vaccine ahead of the assassination. Dr. Radames sold C-Virus to rebels in Edonia at the same time DSO agent Sherry Birkin was to find him, and he was infected, though his lack of mutation proved he had antibodies to fight the virus. Edonia faced fierce fighting between the J'avo rebels and the BSAA, allowing Dr. Radames' own forces to abduct the two in the confusion.


Over the next six months, Muller and Birkin were housed in a facility under a mansion in Lanshiang, where they were subject to repeated blood extraction for use in the creation of the Enhanced C-Virus, a more powerful strain. In the days leading up to the Presidential assassination, Dr. Radames was given total control of the East Asian division, along with an American submarine which was to be reported "hijacked". This submarine was used in a plot to kill the real Ada Wong, lured to it by Dr. Radames. Though Neo Umbrella already had a massive military force operating in China, Dr. Radames took up the opportunity to recruit a civilian army by offering injections in exchange for money in the Poisawan slum district.

Running alongside the attack in Tall Oaks, Neo Umbrella launched their attack in Lanshiang. Neo Umbrella's army attacked the Yuenmon Port and massacred the crew of its warships. Alongside this, the civilian army began their attack on Waiyip, reinforced by military vehicles stolen from the warships. As the BSAA was expected to involve themselves in the recovery operation, contingencies were made to prevent discovery of the underwater facility, as the attack on Lanshiang was itself a multi-tiered diversion from Haos' activation. "Plan D" was a contingency to attack Tatchi with a missile modified to release a C-Virus payload in a gas form and prematurely awaken Haos should Dr. Radames be killed.[1] During the night, The Family travelled to China to investigate Neo Umbrella. Dr. Radames had Simmons infected with the Enhanced C-Virus, but when The Family abandoned him she was immediately shot. "Plan D" thereby went into effect, and Tatchi was attacked.

The underwater facility was quickly abandoned by its researchers, taking an escape train out of the facility, while leaving the Neo Umbrella soldiers in control to prevent a hypothetical BSAA incursion. This incursion ultimately took place, when the J'avo re-captured Birkin and Muller as they confronted Simmons and were tracked. Though Haos was awoken, it was soon after killed when the facility exploded due to a reactor overload.

Known Facilities[]

  • Deep Sea facility: Also known as the Neo Umbrella Underwater Facility, this immense construction was built to house the Haos B.O.W., serving as its giant incubator. The Underwater Facility was later collapsed.
  • Medical facility: Cleverly disguised as a luxurious Chinese mansion, the Neo Umbrella Medical Facility was an immense laboratory used for research regarding the C-Virus. Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin were experimented on and held captive inside this facility.
  • Submarine: Once a navy submarine, this underwater vessel was taken over by Neo Umbrella's New Breed Troopers and transformed into a base of operations for the bioterrorist organization. The Neo Umbrella Submarine was later destroyed by Ada Wong.
  • Testing facility: Disguised as an abandoned warehouse in Tatchi, the Neo Umbrella Testing Facility was used to test the organization's latest prototypes, both biological and robotic.
  • Quad Tower facility: The Unnamed Neo Umbrella Laboratory was a facility were Carla Radames conducted experiments on the C-Virus. It is in this laboratory where Carla's greatest creation was housed. The laboratory was later destroyed by Ada Wong.

Combat Units[]

J'avo - Wrist Blades

The majority of Neo Umbrella's forces are comprised of J'avo, who are responsible for defending the numerous facilities and carrying out the attacks on cities such as Lanshiang and Waiyip. These J'avo are easily recognizable by their insect-like helmets and crimson body armor which offers them more protection than standard J'avo. They wield various arsenals and some even wear blades on their wrists. In addition to regular combat roles, Neo Umbrella J'avo also pilot helicopters, fighter jets, gunboats and tanks. They are seemingly more intelligent and skilled than standard J'avo, using cover regularly and attempting to flank targets. These types of J'avo often exhibit a variety of mutations not observed in normal infected, perhaps due to their longer exposure to the C-Virus. They are completely obedient to Carla Radames, carrying out her orders even after her death.


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