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The Neo Umbrella aircraft carrier (tentative) was a People's Liberation Army Navy aircraft carrier linked to the June 2013 bioterrorist attack in Lanshiang.


The aircraft carrier was boarded and successfully captured by the terrorist organization Neo Umbrella some time in June 2013.[note 1] The carrier was then taken to Lanshiang's Yuenman Port, where it reinforced the military campaigns in Tatchi and Waiyip.

Carla Radames escaped to this aircraft carrier after venturing to Waiyip to finish off her plans (ordering a J'avo to infect Derek C. Simmons and torturing Captain Chris Redfield's BSAA team with yet another death). Captain Redfield, along with Piers Nivans, made it onto the carrier in pursuit along with the mysterious Ada Wong. They were unable to apprehend her for questioning, however, as The Family had her assassinated. The ship was later destroyed when Carla's body began to mutate uncontrollably and tear through the ship's hull, and later she was defeated by Ada Wong.


  1. Evident by the corpses of crewmen being found in "Ada Chapter 4"

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