Neo Umbrella medical facility

The Neo Umbrella Medical Facility.

The Neo Umbrella Medical Facility was a research facility under the control of Neo Umbrella. The facility was disguised as a luxurious Chinese mansion, so as to not attract the attention of local authorities. The facility's white laboratories were located deep below the mansion. One of the main purposes of the facility was to perform further research on the C-Virus and its enhanced form, and thus, the facility also housed a special cell for Jake Muller.

After Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin were captured by Neo Umbrella, they were taken to the medical facility and experimented on for six months. The experiments, along with Jake Muller's blood, allowed Carla Radames to create an enhanced strain of the C-Virus, which she planned to administer to Derek C. Simmons in order to get her revenge.

Jake later found a way to escape his cell and free Sherry from her cell. The two then fought the facility's defences, which included an armed tank. Once their enemies had been defeated, the duo managed to flee using a motorcycle housed within the mansion's garage. However, they were soon pursued by more J'avos and an armed helicopter.


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