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Neo Umbrella submarine

The Neo Umbrella submarine was a watercraft owned by Carla Radames — though publicly divulged to belong to the U.S. Navy. It was used as one of the bases of Neo Umbrella.


Though believed by the public to be operated by the U.S. Navy, the submarine was originally a property of the Family. Some time after the success of Project Ada, Derek C. Simmons gave the submarine to Carla Radames as a gift, telling her to use it as she wished.[1] Carla then proceeded to turn the vehicle into a Neo Umbrella base.

In June 2013, Ada Wong was contacted by Carla Radames, posing as Derek C. Simmons.[2] Carla invited Ada into the submarine, stating that she'd find interesting information there. Exploring the watercraft, Ada found a collection of personal information about herself, as well as data on missions she supposedly took and carried out, but had no recollection of. During Ada's escape, a J'avo inadvertently set off an explosion by shooting at a fuel barrel, causing severe damage to the sub's hull. Ada took advantage of the submarine's torpedoes by using one as a makeshift escape pod. The sub, falling vertically, imploded at 2,500 feet below sea-level.[3]

News of the submarine was made public, though partially covered-up by Derek C. Simmons. During the terrorist attack in Tall Oaks three days later, it was reported on the news that the sub had simply disappeared, with the last known transmission suggesting that it had encountered another entity.[4]


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