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(Outbreak Series Protoype)


Network Biohazard (ネットワークバイオハザード) Or more commonly known as "Outbreak File #3" (Tentative) was the second attempt to develop a Resident Evil multiplayer game. The Project later evolved into Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File#2.


| 1998 Predecessor

A Prototype for a Resident Evil Multiplayer was developed by Noritaka Funamizu shortly before Resident Evil 2 was released. The concept was similar to horde mode with 4 or so Players trying to survive, However, the playtests indicated that, instead of them cooperating to survive, they were playing on their own and letting other players die.


Hamamura, Koichi (25 October 2002). (in Japanese)Weekly Famitsu (Enterbrain, Inc.) (#725).

Translated by BiohazardFrance

--: What was the idea that gave birth of Resident Evil Network?

Funamizu: In those days, people and the media said that a network game is the thing, game creator should make. A lot of people requested Mr. Mikami to make Resident Evil Network..... Then after one year, Mr. Mikami told me "Mr. Funahashi, why don't you make it?"

--: Suddenly?

Funamizu: Yeah, and I thought "Why me?" *laugh* then I started to think about "what is the network game of Resident Evil?"

--: Was it a long time ago? Before Playstation 2 was released?

Funamizu: Yes, but in those days, I only had a basic idea and after a while, Mr. Okamoto General Manager asked me "When you going to start?" So, I realized I have to start make it. *laugh* First, I considered how we can make the network game without stepping out from the world of Resident Evil. I talked to a lot of people at Capcom and everybody said "Resident Evil is scary because you have to fight alone."

--: That is true.

Funamizu: I made a mini-game in the tool and let people play, and if one of the player died then everybody started to run away. Because nobody want to be the last person. Also, people tried not to use ammo and others said "Soot it". It made me realized that Resident Evil really shows the users personality.


Due to the unviability of the project at the time, it was scrapped, and Funamizu's next work was Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

| Revival

Possibly in mid-late 2000, The Idea was resurrected, this time with a more heavy-focus on Player Cooperation and Survival.

During these Early Stages 41 Scenarios were Planned, which only 7-8 ever got released

  • R001 (Outbreak and Hellfire - OB and HF were originally only one Scenario)
  • R010 (Underbelly)
  • R015 (Desperate Times)
  • R026 (Flashback)
  • R028 (The Hive - Heavily edited, Areas and storylines got cut)
  • R035 (Below Freezing Point)
  • R040 (Wild Things)
  • R041 (Decisions Decisions)

Even though 21-22 Scenarios were in a somewhat advanced state of development as of late 2003.

| 2002

The game was announced on February 13, 2002 during the Playstation Meeting Event. (Press Only) The event was focused on Playstation 2's online capabilities. Several teaser trailers for various games were shown (Network Biohazard included), Howeve due to the event's restriction most of its content is lost, except for a few images.

| 2003







R001 (Outbreak and Hellfire)








R019 (The Hive Beta)


R024 (A Day in Raccoon)


R039 (Raccoon Docks)


House Scenario


Hunk Scenario


Refugee camp Scenario



Using cheat devices such as the Game Shark on Resident Evil Outbreak and File #2 people are able to hack/unlock some hidden character skins which are thought to be from the unreleased Resident Evil Outbreak File 3. The cast of unlocked characters includes HUNK; star of Resident Evil 2's "The 4th Survivor" mode; Ginger and Laura, both of whom are template characters for female zombies; Amelia, the woman yanked through the roof by the Mega Bite during "Underbelly"; Bone, a man who was intended to be a friend of David King; and several other members from the U.S.S. and the U.B.C.S. as well as other citizens. Below is a list of these characters:


For further information, See below...


For further information, See below...

Other Citizens

For further information, See below...

Zombie Templates

Zombie templates are people/NPCs that appeared as zombies or may have appeared alive once like Amelia eventually to become zombies that would later appear in File 1, File 2 and Umbrella Chronices but were to be unlockable as skins like other NPCs. Most generic (unimportant) NPCs such as Chuck, Amelia and Roger have generic names in File 1, like "MAN1", "WOMAN1", etc.. and are likely Zombie Templates. Below is a list of these people:


A lot of enemies that didn't make the cut and didn't (officially) appear in either File 1 or File 2 are left over in the game's files and can be found by hacking the date. Below is a list of some of these enemies that are known.