New Purpose is the eighteenth cutscene in Ada's campaign for Resident Evil 6, paying as an epilogue at the end of Ada Chapter 5. In the Japanese version, it is instead known as "NEXT LEVEL". After completing Ada's campaign, all future completions of the other three campaigns will also end with this scene. Storyboards were drawn by either Takeshi Miyazawa or Yoshihiro Sono, and were published in the BIOHAZARD 6 STORY GUIDE book.


A young boy in the middle east is fearfully looking out of his hideout. He sees through boarded up window four Napad advancing. He backs up and bumps into a cloaked figure, who calmly moves him aside and opens the door. He then says they had a deal, and the boy gives him an apple. The figure removes the cloak, revealing himself as Jake. The boy asks if Jake will keep his promise. The Napad start charging. Grabbing his gun, Jake says a deal is a deal shoots as he takes a bite of the apple.


Jake: "I believe we had a deal."
Boy: "Are you going to keep your promise?"
Jake: "Fair's fair, kid."

Jake: "約束のものを出しな"
Boy: "本当に それで助けてくれるの?"
Jake: "充分さ"




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