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This unnamed officer was a Cuerpo Nacional de Policía officer who accompanied Mario Fernandez Castaño and Leon S. Kennedy in search of Ashley Graham, the US President's daughter.


Resident Evil 4 (2005)[]

The unnamed officer and his partner accompanied Leon to the last known sight of Ashley Graham. He and his partner drive Leon to the village but decide to remain in the car rather than assist Leon with the search. This proved to be a fatal mistake as the officers are soon rammed into by a Ganado driven truck, sending their vehicle straight down the cliff below and destroying the bridge in the process. The unnamed officer and his partner we're soon abducted by the Ganado, burning the later on a Pyre. The exact circumstances of the officer's death is unknown, although Leon later witnesses his body being tossed into the lake and eaten by Del Lago.

Resident Evil 4 (2023)[]

The officer is a part of the group who accompanied Leon on his mission to save the President's daughter. When they arrive at the place, Mario left to urinate, but went on to investigate suspicious noises around him, and was presumably killed by a hostile inhabitant. As he is not coming back, the rookie mockingly tells Leon that he'd stay in the car, since he doesn't want any parking tickets, and sends the latter to look for him.

Once Leon encounters and kills the resident in self-defense, he finds Mario dead with his throat slit; the rookie is heard screaming for backup through the transceiver on his corpse. Leon rushes to tell him he copies, but he is heard being abducted by the locals and the transmission cuts.

When Leon arrives at the village, he sees the rookie being burned alive by the villagers under the influence of Plaga.