Newspaper is a file that can be obtained in the "Outbreak" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak. It is known as Newspaper (About the Incident) (新聞紙(事件に関して) Shinbunshi (jiken ni kanshite)?) in the original script.


The Newspaper can be found on a table in the staff room on floor 2F.[1]



R.P.D. announced it will set up a special joint investigation HQ for a serial murder case in which over 30 murders have already occurred.

While there is no connection between suspects, the methods in which the victims were slain are all similar.

Ordering a joint investigation into the serial murders was the rational thing to do. The scale and the detail of the investigation has not yet been made public.

The authorities have been avoiding announcing any details of the cases. They are sticking with that stance to prevent any copycat crimes from occurring.

Rumor has it that a certain member of the press has obtained some information: The suspect was temporarily insane at the time of the incident.

Authorities continued to take a "no comment" stance on the factuality of these rumors.

The case seems quite problematic.




Brutality in daylight? Abysmal dark clouds over Raccoon

Police authorities, with regard to the series of killings which has reached 30 this month, has announced that it has set up a joint special investigation headquarters.
In spite of an absense of a connection between suspects, the conditions of the victims and the criminals' modus operandi are very similar, and a "joint investigation is rational and reasonable". ]The scale and content of the investigation is yet to be announced.

The authorities have still avoided to announce details on related cases, and do not break it in order to prevent the perpetuation of copycat crimes.
Unconfirmed information has been obtained by a certain news organization that "the suspect was absent of sound mind at the time of the crime", though the authorities have given no comment, suggesting difficulties with the investigation.


It details the Raccoon Police Department's investigation of the zombie encoachment into Raccoon City, treating the murders as any other murder.

While the quote in the Japanese script is interpreted literally as mere absent-mindedness, its usage refers instead to the suspect's loss of sanity.




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