Newspaper Article - Missing People is a file in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


3 Missing During Urbex Trip

State authorities are asking for help locating three men who went missing during their travels to Dulvey Parish from New Orleans on the ninth of this month.

The missing men have been identified as Peter Walken, Andre Stickland, and Clancy Javis. The three produce videos for the Internet and traveled to Dulvey to shoot footage for their latest production. Their videos consist mostly of the group exploring abandoned buildings and haunted houses.


今月9日、 ルイジアナ州ニューオーリンズから同州ダルヴェイに出かけた男性3人と連絡がとれないとの通報を受け、 州警察は何らかのトラブルに巻き込まれた可能性もあると見て捜索を開始した。

連絡がとれないのはピーター・ウォーケンさん、 アンドレ・スティックランドさん、 クランシー・ジャービスさんの3人。インターネットに配信する動画撮影のため、 ダルヴェイの取材を計画していたとのこと。


The file introduces the Sewer Gators cast with their full names. There is a translation goof on the first page, where the 9 July date the missing persons report was filed inaccurately implies to be the date they disappeared.



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