Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Nguyen Thi Kwan, known simply as "Kwan", was a second grade student at Marhawa Academy.


Just before the viral outbreak at Marhawa, Kwan overheard Bindi Bergara's public warning and was terrified. Shortly after the dispersal of C-Virus by Nanan Yoshihara, Kwan armed herself with a baseball bat. Finding a fellow student, Yang Tai Ming being attacked by a zombified student, she smashed her head open with the bat to save him. The two then ran through the corridors to get to a staff room to hide in.[1] Escaping through the vents, Kwan snapped at Yang for looking up her skirt, but as he backed away, he accidentally opened a vent, and was pulled down and eaten by the zombies below. Proceeding further, she spotted one of her dying teachers, who told her to get to Gracia and to leave him behind.

Escaping from the staff room, she is caught by the leg by a zombie, but Ricky rescues her, and the two proceed to Gracia's room, where they find that she is mortally wounded by a mutated Bindi. Demanding answers, Kwan attacks Bindi but is immediately flung out of the window, where the fall breaks her legs. Nearby zombies soon congregate and attack her. By the time Ricky descends to help Kwan, she was already killed by the zombies, who turned their attention to him, including, rather ironically, Kwan herself.


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