Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Nguyen Thi Quan, also known simply as "Quan", was a second grade student at Marhawa School. She was one of the victims of the Marhawa Desire. Based on her name, she was of Vietnamese heritage.


Like the other students, Quan was the daughter of a wealthy family and was enrolled at Marhawa School as a boarding school student. The school was isolated deep within a forest, cutting it off from the world and fostering an environment of total dependence of Mother Gracia Delenikas, the headmistress. In 2012, the C-Virus was being released around the school in secret by Bindi Bergara, a fellow pupil, but the small scale outbreak was covered-up by Mother Gracia. Quan was present when two Zombies attacked the school festival, during which Bergara herself spoke out against Mother Gracia's cover-up, but was convinced Bergara was simply lying as part of a stunt.[1]

The following day, the C-Virus was released across the school by Bergara's co-conspirator, Nanan Yoshihara, turning dozens of students into Zombies. Though many were torn apart by the mobs, Quan was able to use a baseball bat to survive numerous attempts at her life, and ran around the school in search of the faculty room where the teachers would instruct survivors on what to do next. Quan found a fellow student, Yang Tai Ming, being attacked by a Zombie and saved him. The two escaped into a room and she held up the door as he formed a barricade.[2]

When it became clear staying in the room would only be temporary due to the number of Zombies trying to break in, Quan led Tai Ming through a vent heading over the corridor. Tai Ming fell down a hatch and was eaten by Zombies before Quan could grab him. She kept on going to the faculty room, where she found only one teacher, who was seriously injured. He revealed there were no more teachers left to get help from, and when more Zombies attacked, threw himself at them to save her. Quan was attacked by a third Zombie as she left the room and suffered a bite to the ankle, but survived without further injury when Ricky Tozawa killed her attacker. The two initially planned to head up to the fifth floor infirmary, but when the heard a scream coming from the second flood board room, they investigated, with Quan knowing it to be Mother Gracia. Entering the room they found Mother Gracia dying of severe head trauma, having been attacked by Bergara, who had infected herself with the C-Virus. Angered at Mother Gracia's death, Quan began bashing Bergara with her baseball bat, but this amounted to nothing. Bergara turned and picked her up with one arm, choking her before tossing her across the room and out the window.[3] Bergara was able to get up off the ground, but half-a-dozen Zombies flocked towards her and tore her apart within seconds.[4]

Further notes

  • In the Viz English edition, Thi Quan is named "Gwen Ti Quan".


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