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Nicholai Responsibilities

Nicholai Responsibilities is a file that was hidden online during the Inserted Evil ARG event. It takes the form of a print-out.


Contract of responsibilities
Nicholai Ginovaef

This section of the contract outlines the duties you, Nicholai Ginovaef, will be expected to carry out as part
of your day-to-day operations with the UBCS. Although this will not be your top priority tasks, they are likely
to be the tasks you are observed doing most often. To observers, these must seem like your main responsibilities.

Assisting local law enforcement agencies

Depending on where in the world you are based, you will act as support to the sanctioned law enforcement,
whether this is the police, local militia, the army or any other group to whom Umbrella has given its support.

Your role will be to help oil the wheels of progress by supporting their suggested activities, which could range
from helping keep law and order in times of crisis, to crowd control, to VIP protection to street patrols. In these
roles you are to make a clear statement that you are helping to deal with whatever situation is at hand.

Assisting emergency services

Depending on your deployment, you may also need to assist the emergency services such as the paramedics or
fire service. Duties here will of course be broad in scope, and your role will again be as helpful as possible -
as long as you do not have higher priority orders from Umbrella.

The following take precedent over public service duties:

Protecting Umbrella assets

Whether these assets are property, people or 'materials', they will always be your number one priority.
Whether you are working alone or as part of a team, we expect you to the protection of these assets,
taking any steps necessary to ensure their safety.

See Appendix 3 for full Death in Service benefits.

Leading tactical missions

As part of the UBCS, you may be ordered to lead military tactical missions on behalf of Umbrella.
In these situations you are authorized to take whatever measures are necessary to complete your mission.

Again, see Appendix 3 for full Death in Service benefits.