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Nick was a curier driver working for an Umbrella subsidiary. The husband of Anita and father of Jane, he lived in the isolated outskirts of Raccoon City.


Some time before 1998, Nick worked at an auto works in Detroit, Michigan under his father. When a factory accident - brought on by negligence towards safety - led to an explosion, Nick was forced out of town by the guilt of having left people for dead. This would lead to alcoholism as he moved to Raccoon City.[2]


Starting a life with Anita, Nick worked for one of Umbrella's subsidiaries, the corporation dominating Raccoon City's businesses. Consequently, he was unwilling to question their business practices when S.T.A.R.S. implicated them in a series of brutal murders and animal attacks in mid-1998, caused by a viral outbreak during research. In August, his wife disappeared following an animal attack while she and their daughter Jane went exploring in the Arklay Mountains. His refusal to go with them turned him into a drunken wreck.[3]

The following month, Nick found Jane and her friend Jim Marker returning from the mountains having gone out looking for Anita. When Jim claimed to have seen Anita as a zombie, he forced the boy out of his house. Going to a local bar, he was met by his employer, who declared his dissatisfaction with Jane's accusations, and threatened to fire Nick should he fail to stop her defaming Umbrella further. Later that night, Jane and Jim dragged Nick out of his home to their neighbour Norman's house. There, they found his body being attacked by a giant spider, which Nick shot at. When they returned with the police, they found that the entire house had been cleaned up, and Norman had been sighted perfectly fine in the outskirts of the city; as such, the whole incident was blamed on a drunken hallucination. When Nick went out to the saw mill to check up on this, he found the zombified Norman and Anita.[4]

Viral outbreak

The next day - Sunday (possibly September 27) - Nick explained to Jane what he found, admitting that there really were zombies up in the mountains. Soon after, they discovered that the t-Virus had spread to rats, leading to a tremendous growth in their population. Jim also passed out while driving past their house on the way to pick up his father from the Arklay Dam. Nick chose to go up in his place while Jane tended to his fever; in the mountains, he found the virus had spread extensively, and saw a plague of rats so large they filled up a lake while swimming past the dam. He soon after learnt that they had infested the city's drinking water, potentially leading to a disaster. Heading back to his house to warn Jane, the two were forced to keep Jim locked up in the basement to prevent him attacking her as a zombie. He then left to the city to warn everyone, he was ignored by the denizens, still too frightened to challenge Umbrella's claims. Abandoning the people to their fate, he returned home as the two prepared for an inevitable attack as the infected creatures migrated towards the city.[5][6]

As the zombified creatures began to besiege the house in waves, Nick and Jane adamantly defended it, cut off from their car. After Jane ran downstairs to the basement, Nick followed her to prevent Jim from attacking her; they found him human but in great pain, and he asked Nick to shoot him. Left with only one bullet in his handgun's magazine, he offered his best, aware that gunshot wounds not to the head had little effect. With Jim dead the two fled up to the second floor where Nick was bitten by the zombified Anita. Pushing her away, he had Jane flee the house while he burnt it down so he and Anita could be together again.[7]

After the fire was put out, the Umbrella-manipulated Raccoon Fire Department and Raccoon Police Department covered up the incident with a very quick investigation, ruling that the house burnt down in a classic house fire scenario with a drunken Nick having dropped a cigarette.[8]


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