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Dr. Nicolas Griffith was an Umbrella biochemist and university professor. He was also known as "Dr. Nicolas Dunne", which he took from his mother's maiden name. A genius in molecular virology and one of the most reputable bioscience researchers of the 1960s, Dr. Griffith was suspected to be mentally unstable. He designed and created a new virus derived from the t-Virus to relieve humans of their initiative and ability to make decisions.


In the early 1960s, a young Dr. Griffith held a research position at a private university in California. He reached early acclaim when he challenged the completeness of the Baltimore Classification of viruses, insisting that there was an eighty type comparable to the dsDNA and ssDNA types. While peer reviewers acknowledged him for his brilliant reasoning, it was rendered false and Griffith gave up on trying to prove his hypothesis. Some time later, he was dismissed from the university for using methamphetamines, though rumour had it he had really been experimenting on drug-induced behavior modification on two students. The two students were unable to confirm the rumours; one committed suicide soon after, and the other was signed in as a mental health patient. The disgraced doctor then disappeared from scientific papers.

In the mid-1980s, Griffith ran a private research lab in Washington, using his mother's maiden name to keep out of the papers. Trying to cure the lethal Marburg virus, Griffith infected three of his research assistants, convincing them they were being given the harmless Cold virus. When all three died, Griffith locked up the lab and left; it took several weeks for the smell to get the police's attention.[1]

Caliban Cove

Over the course in the facility of Caliban Cove, Dr. Nicolas Griffith managed to get Karen Driver infected with his viral creation, and eventually disposes of her when he discovers a better "specimen", who turned out to be Steve Lopez. He also managed to capture and inject Steve, thus turning him into another of his pawns. Later on however, in an act of anger towards the captured S.T.A.R.S. members, Griffith orders Steve to shoot himself in the face, getting rid of yet another of his pawns.

Ultimately, Griffith was killed by David Trapp and Rebecca Chambers, who used Karen Driver's grenade to blast a hole in the airlock he'd locked them in. The resulting explosion launched the door off its hinges and crushed Griffith while granting David and Rebecca their chance to escape. Though unknown if he had survived the initial explosion, Griffith was presumably drowned otherwise in the resulting deluge.


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