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Nightmare 1 (悪夢1 akumu 1?) is the prequel-story to Mansion Incident 1, taking place as the chronological start of the Mansion Incident section of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


Rebecca Chambers, asleep in an uncomfortable bed resting from her last battle, has a nightmare. She wakes up and Richard Aiken greets her. She asks why she couldn't find Bravo team at the rendezvous and Aiken replies that they were attacked and the others may be hiding or dead. The two search for Enrico Marini, captain of Bravo Team. On their way, they are attacked by Spiders and Zombies, and so jump down a hole in a loose floorboard and stumble onto the Spiders nest. After a short fight, they reach the Courtyard through the underground passages below and are attacked by Bees and other creatures. They eventually reach the door back to the mansion, leading to Nightmare 2.


Rebecca Chambers: "Where could the Captain be?"

Richard Aiken: "It's Enrico, I'm sure he's fine..."
"Bees! Look out!"
"These spiders are everywhere!"

Rebecca: "Let's get to the room in back!"
"We made it."

Richard: "Not yet we haven't."
"I thought the Captain might be here..."
"Damn! They just keep coming!"

Rebecca: "Richard! There's a hole behind you!"

Richard: "What are you doing?"

Rebecca: "You know what I'm doing. We're dead if we stay here!"
"There might be another nest up there... I hate spiders."

Richard: "Alright, let's go down then."
"We should be able to get back above ground."

Rebecca: "Finally!"
"There's too many! What can we do?"

Richard: "Rebecca! Hang on!"
"We don't have a choice. We have to make a stand."

Rebecca: "Sorry Richard. I'm on it."

Richard: "Good! Let's do this!"

Rebecca: "There are monsters everywhere..."

Richard: "Rebecca... We're going in."

Rebecca: "The other place was filled with them too."

Richard: "It's easier to mount a defense in a building. There might be survivors."