Nightmare 1 opening is the opening cutscene to the "Nightmare 1" level of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


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Rebecca Chambers (narrating): "After splitting up with Billy, I went to the mansion where Bravo team was to rendezvous. When I arrived, I found that none of the others were there and that the mansion was unsettlingly quiet. I was exhausted from the events of the previous day and before I knew it I had drifted into a nightmare."

Richard Aiken: "Rebecca!"

Rebecca: "Richard..."

Richard Aiken: "You're OK?"

Rebecca: "I'm fine... We were fighting some monster and... Edward's dead."

Richard: "I see. It's not much better on my end, either. We got attacked by those things and had to split up. The rest of the team is either in hiding or... We just have to find Enrico. He'll know what to do. Heh, what a horrible first assignment, huh? First, we have to get to some place safe."


Rebecca Chambers (narrating): 「ビリーと別れ、 私はブラヴォーチームの集合地点、 森の洋館にたどりついた」
「しかしそこに仲間の姿はなく、 不気味に静まり返っていた」
「昨日からの疲労がのしかかり、 いつしか私は、 悪夢の世界に落ちていた…」

Richard Aiken: 「レベッカ!」

Rebecca: 「リチャード…」

Richard Aiken: 「無事だったのか」

Rebecca: 「…はい ……」


Rebecca: 「ある施設で生物兵器との戦闘になり」

Richard: 「そうか……」


Richard: 「こっちも同じようなもんだ」
「皆隠れているのか、 それとも……」
「大丈夫だ、 きっと助かる」


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