The Nightmare 2 ending is the cutscene that plays in the end of the "Nightmare 2" level of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.



The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Richard Aiken: "Rebecca!!!"

Rebecca Chambers: "Richard!!!"

Richard: "I messed up good. Some backup I made."

Rebecca: "Richard..."

Richard: "Don't make that face at me... We've still got to have hope. Someone will come and rescue us... I know it."

Rebecca (narrator): "I hated how hopeless I felt, seeing how Richard lying there, wounded. I had to fight and I had to survive, no matter what happened. I'll prove I have what it takes to survive."

リチャード 「 レベッカ!! 」

レベッカ 「 リチャード!! 」

レベッカ 「 ひどい・・・ 」

リチャード 「 ドジったな・・・・・・ サポート役が、このザマだ。」

レベッカ 「 リチャード・・・ 」

リチャード 「 そんな顔をするな・・・・・・
   まだ、望みは、あるさ・・・・・ 助けはきっと来る・・・


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