Nightmare Mode is a more advanced Difficulty level in the Resident Evil Series. Nightmare mode was first used in the Dreamcast and Windows ports of Resident Evil 2. In the PlayStation 2 Exclusive Title, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, It is also featured where it can be purchased for 1000 points after finishing every Level in Very Hard mode. In this mode, Enemies will inflict up to twice the amount of damage, recovery items will only have an effectiveness of 75%, ammo and melee items structural points will be decreased. However, in exchange, the players will receive an increased amount of points for completing the scenarios.

Resident Evil 2

In Resident Evil 2, Nightmare Mode and Expert Mode are available only for the Dreamcast And Windows Ports. Although the Rookie Mode was featured in the Gamecube and PlayStation versions, Nightmare Mode and Expert Mode are missing for unknown reasons. In this mode, enemies will cause a lot more damage, ammo and health items will become a lot more scarce, and usually with certain monsters, your health can be taken from Fine to Danger in one hit. This happens more often with the Lickers.


Resident Evil Outbreak File 2

The mode makes a return in Outbreak File 2, Which can be purchased in the Store for 10000 Points after Finishing each Scenario in the game on the Very Hard difficulty. In this mode, the only things that change in the gameplay is that healing items heal only 75% of their usual percentage and enemies can inflict 30% more damage to the player character. As an interesting addition, it can be used with any level of difficulty, which keeps the same location for items and enemies in their specific difficulty without changing. For very experienced players, one should try to combine Nightmare mode with Very Hard difficulty and achieve a No Damage Taken bonus; This rewards players with more than 10000 points for the collection.

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