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"There's a price tag for everything. Even letting the world burn."
— Zinoviev to Jill Valentine[2]

Nikolai Zinoviev (ニコライ・ジノビェフ Nikorai Jinobyefu?, Russian: Николай Зиновьев) was a mercenary employed by Umbrella as a Sergeant in the UBCS. He was among the UBCS force deployed to Raccoon City in 1998.


In September 1998, a catastrophic accident at NEST led to the contamination of Raccoon City by t-Virus, a bioweapon engineered by Umbrella. The UBCS was deployed, officially, as a relief force to rescue trapped civilians as police and military control of the city collapsed. This was, however, a cover for their real missions which were to include the rescue of key Umbrella personnel, the destruction of incriminating or dangerous materials, and the collection of combat data from combat with Bio Organic Weapons and irregular mutants.[3] An unknown third party, aware of the UBCS' purpose, made contact with Zinoviev prior to their deployment, offering a bribe in exchange for his services. While outwardly following Umbrella's mission, Zinoviev agreed to deliberately undermine their success.[3] He also received a second set of instructions, offering a reward for the assassination of Jill Valentine.

During his time in Raccoon City, Zinoviev noted actions between RPD officers and mutants, and on the following day lured a pack of Cerberuses to Raccoon University to eliminate survivors using it as a place of refuge.[3] By the night of 27 September he rendezvoused with Cpt. Mikhail Viktor and his platoon. The platoon would suffer further losses on 28 September when Zinoviev locked a door on them to trap them with Zombies.

The platoon made their base at the Redstone Street subway station to transport refugees out of the city centre. Zinoviev ran into Valentine after killing fellow mercenary Murphy Seeker, who was injured and potentially infected. He would later betray Valentine and Viktor to Project N when it attacked the subway train and escaped. No longer limited by the platoon, Zinoviev was made free to carry out covert activities on behalf of both Umbrella and the rival company. At the Spencer Memorial Hospital, Zinoviev verified the loss of life and destroyed information relating to the successful vaccine research, killing Dr. Nathaniel Bard, a senior Umbrella researcher who was awaiting rescue.


By 1 October, Zinoviev was made aware of an imminent plan by the US military to blow up Raccoon City and made plans to escape the city with his data. Aware that Spencer Memorial was the façade for the NEST 2 bio-weapons testing facility, Zinoviev planned to travel through it on the way to a private heliport. While there he confirmed Valentine's recovery from her t-Virus infection, and observed her combat with Project N. While preparing a helicopter for departure, he was however confronted by her and Oliveira, who would commandeer the helicopter. While he offered to provide the identity of his buyer in exchange for rescue, his offer was refused. His status following Valentine's departure is uncertain, as although a second helicopter was present during their confrontation the Pentagon's missile strike was mere minutes away.


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