The Nine-Oh-Nine (909) is the sidearm for Jake MullerChris Redfield and Agent in Resident Evil 6. All three characters begin with this weapon in their inventories at the start of the game.


Alternate Fire None
Shots Per Clip 15
Power 150
Critical Chance 12.5
Reload Speed A
Firing Speed A

The Nine-Oh-Nine is, in most respects, a typical 9mm handgun. It has average firepower, an average-sized magazine, and no obvious effect. It has two advantages, however. For one, it can fire as quickly as the player can pull the trigger. For another, it has an exceptional critical hit ratio. In the hands of a handgun specialist, this combination makes this otherwise unremarkable sidearm a very deadly weapon. This weapon is optimal for dealing with common enemies, particularly zombies.

When compared to the other handguns in the game, it has the smallest (But still better than average) capacity, the second highest firepower, the highest critical radio and the fastest rate of fire, which is only countered by Sherry's Triple Shot.

The Nine-Oh-Nine is used in the Mercenaries as a primary weapon by Jake in his standard loadout, Chris in his alternate costume as well as Agent. Additionally, in the PC version's The Mercenaries No Mercy, it is a primary weapon in Ellis' loadout.


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