No Hope (Kevin) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It plays as the ending to the "wild things" scenario when playing as Kevin Ryman. This cutscene can be purchased from the Collections menu for 500 points.[1]


Kevin rides a tram out from the Raccoon Zoo station, but the tram is forced to a halt when a chinook carrying refugees crashes in the nearby yard.


The following English transcript is based on the PAL version which has subtitles, and all errors within the subtitles are displayed as are.

Kevin Ryman: "It wasn't a bad part of town, really."
"Even a good for nothing son of a bitch like me might be able to get a few jollies there."
"I shouldn't have allowed myself to think like that."
"It was no time to think of havin' fun."

TV Reporter: "Despite the continued efforts of the police and national guard, the chaos has yet to be brought under control. Apparently, a rescue helicopter sent to western Raccoon City's with nearly 40 refugees on bard has crashed.It is unclear if anyone survived. As of 9 o'clock, the city has been quarantined and civilian movement is limited. and entry by anyone other than authorized military personel has been strictly forbidden. All signs point to the siutation worsening before it gets better."

Kevin Ryman: 「この行は、 まあ嫌いじゃない」
「だけど、 それももう終わりだな…」

TV Reporter: 「…救援部隊の活動が続いていますが作業は難航しています」



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