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Norse Chirac is a former British soldier who was involved in the incident at Gadiwell.[1]


Solitary Far North Island

Chirac served in the Counter Revolutionary Warfare (CRW) wing of the Special Air Service, and saw deployment during The Troubles in Northern Ireland. During an operation to free UN workers held hostage by an IRA faction, Chirac's failure to kill a child volunteer allowed her to set off an explosive which killed herself, the rest of the squad and the UN workers. As a result of this, Chirac was determined to have been responsible for the disaster and was discharged from the British Army.[2]

For the next two years, he travels the world in search of a safe haven to live. He takes a ferry to Gadiwell, an small fishing island just off the coast of Norway. When a wave collided with the ship, a girl in a yellow parka stumbles on the handrail. Norse stops her falling into the sea and gains their footing back once the ferry regains its original stability. The girl introduces herself as Kate, an student travelling to the island with her friend Rain Rubens, whose uncle lives on the island. He eventually returns to his cabin, leaving the two girls chattering on deck and awaits the ferry's arrival on the island.

When they arrived, he finds the island to be quite and it's locals acting strangely, stalking from the woods, gaps behind swaying curtains and behind slightly opened doors. He and the girls eventually arrives at Rain's uncle house, they find the front door to be locked with a huge lock. Thinking that her uncle was down at Robert's shop, drinking beer in the only pub in the village. Rain suggests that they head for the shop and the trio leave for it as evening fell.

They entered the shop only to find the native islanders scared with pale, ominous colors on their face. Rain asks Robert if he had seen her uncle, he responses that he hadn't seen her uncle for the past four to five days and suggests he might have gone hunting. Having no lead in her uncle's whereabouts, Norse is lead to an inn by the girls and they are shocked to find an vacant lot where the inn should have be. They hear an thud from behind and Norse quickly notices that it was the same man from the woods he had seen when he arrived. Rain recognizes the man as Paul and asks if he had seen her uncle Bale but he warns them to leave the island immediately tomorrow and lock themselves when they sleep. He quickly leaves leaving Rain dumbfounded. when Paul turns around again, Norse spots a small handgun bared under his jacket, thrust casually into the belt on his waist and knows what he said wasn't a threat or joke. The three reluctantly return to Bale's house.

He unlocks the door with a lockpick made from scrap and they enter the house with no signs of Bale. After he helps the girl settle in, he picks up his luggage and walks towards the entrance, intending to find another place to rest. Kate insists Norse to stay, pressed by the two and couldn't disregard these strange events, he decides to stay with them. At night, he hears footsteps approaching the house and slowly walks away from it, he grabs a firewood and follows the sound. Eventually, he finds a footprint at the entrance and see a wailing woman situated deep in the forest.

The next morning, he awakes and quickly head for the entrance to the forest where he finds no signs of footprints or the woman, he quickly returns to the house where he witness an crowded islanders gathered. They gossiped that three workers repaired the road yesterday don't come back in the morning. He meets Rain, who informs him that Kate is missing. They look for her in the place where the workers had disappeared and spot Kate sitting on a stone along the side of the road leading to the headland. She informs them that she went to see the location of a movie being filmed while they were still asleep. While the girls are chattering, Norse notices the strange behavior in the film's crew acting like military subordinates.

The trio resumes their search for Bale and heads to Paul's shack but find no signs of him. Rain suggests that they leave for her uncle's hunting ground which is at the west cove of the forest. During their journey, they notice a North European style wooden building and Rain explains that's a lab Umbrella Corporation built 20 years ago and once a virus was being studied there and broke out, apparently killing many islanders. Since then, Islanders have been afraid to go near that building where it might still contain the virus. Along the way, they notices an truck and Norse leaves to find the truck badly damaged. Kate unexpectedly screams and informs Norse that something was in the woods. He tells the girls to stay in the car and goes after it. There he finds four Zombies shuffling after him and returns to see that the car is surrounded by another two. He attacks them and tries to get the car out of the mud but is unsuccessful. He directs the girls to run through the woods and upon finding out that Kate had accidentally slid down through the steep slope, he tells Rain to go while he looks for Kate.

He wanders the forest to look for her but is not successful. When shots were fired, he runs and stumbles upon the woman from before. She grazes him with her claws and quickly vanish deep into the forest. Norse meets up with Rain again, who tells him about her encounter with her uncle. They decide to head back to the house but still no signs of Kate, they try to contact the police with the phone's harbor but find it was not working. Just then Paul appears and is informed of the recent events. He is irritated that they have not left the island and tells them to meet him on lighthouse ruin the following morning.

Finding the Beardsley Castle

The next day, Norse and Rain arrive towards the lighthouse. From there, they witness Paul clutching at his stomach as blood was pouring out and fall off the cliff. Norse run towards the cliff where Paul was and see no signs of him as he was sucked into the raging waves below. He returns to Rain only to find her sobbing at her uncle, who is heavily injured from gunshot wounds. He tore his shirt and pushed it onto Bale's wound to try and stanch the bleeding. From then, he tells them that an sniper hired by Umbrella had shot him and killed Paul and Umbrella had been secretly continuing Tyrant Virus research when it should have been stopped 20 years ago. Bale put a target behind his back when he witness and kills a zombie, several men pursued after him and Bale is forced to wander various places on the island. In addition, he had also found Kate's blue sneaker, which is located near the lab in the forest. After he entrusts Norse with his niece's safety, he dies leaving Rain in tears.

Norse and Rain head to the abandoned lab where they find the film crew shooting at the back of the mountain. Norse sped off to the sites of the European building. They ventured into the mansion together where they find an hidden entrance to the lab. The pair enter the lab but could not find anything. They eventually find a door hidden behind a bookshelf leading down to the basement, Rain later finds Kate's locket in front of the two passageways and they decide to choose the right , the pair are meet with monsters with gorilla like body but with human like faces and hook like claws. Norse and Rain run to the left where they spot an elevator. After a near death experience, they manage to get in and arrive at a cave where they find the Beardsley Castle. Rain explains that they were the original lords of the island but have fallen from grace due to a uprising. When Umbrella bought the land from the Beardsley, they established an special relationship that may still go on to this day.

They swiftly hid themselves in the bushes when a limousine parked in front of the entrance with several servants and he is surprised to see the man that is giving orders to them was the same man talking to director on the cove before. They are eventually caught peeking by the man and is asked to vacate the premises. Norse suspects that the man had already known about them and is convinced that he is at the heart of the enemy that abducted Kate and killed Bale and Paul and goes back to form a plan.

Invitations From The Old Castle

Gilliam goes to Bale's house and introduces the pair as the stewards of the Beardsley household. He invites them to a small dinner party which is held tonight. Norse opens the letter and see the hostess signature as Mylène Beardsley, he accepts the invitation and Gilliam drives away from the house. The pair drives up to the castle and is escorted by Gilliam. They along with other guests from companies in business with Umbrella are introduced to Mylene. During the party, Norse realizes a connection between the Beardsley and Umbrella from all the guests greetings that they were not merely land donors but also deal with them. He is shocked to knew that Mylene had also come to know of his backgrounds, which were top secret.

After the party, Norse leaves Rain and tells her to leave the castle should he not return from his findings with Kate. After his fruitless search, he is informed that Gilliam had escorted Rain to the back door. Just then, Norse hears Rain's scream and chases after the sound. He is then meet with multiple hostility. Norse kills all the hostiles but later falls into a trap set up by the countess. In the pit, he is meet with multiple zombies but manages to get away and sprint for the staircase where he meets an zombified Kate with her eyes gouged out. He tearfully kills her and reaches for a lever that closing the ceiling with him escaping from the trap.

Norse inadvertently triggers a blackout and series of explosions by him operating the ceiling trap, killing all the servants and the dinner party guests with zombies that had been released as an result of the explosion with nerve gas leaked from the chamber. He eventually reached the ground from the labyrinth below and escapes to the back block of the castle with no signs of zombies or the gas.

To Nightmare's end

Norse enters the room and see human sized flasks hung on the ceiling, stored at a cold temperature. Mylene then welcomes him to her laboratory with Rain bound with her hands tied behind her back. She explains to him how she was created and her ambitions aimed to be at the top of Umbrella. Mylene later releases Rain and releases multiple flasks for him to fight. Norse manages to kill all of them all except for one flask left. Mylene opens it, revealing it to be the silver haired woman that he had encountered twice before. The countess explained that the woman was Mylenia, another version of her born from Neo T Virus and her genes. After an intensive fight, Mylene offers a chance for him to live by bowing down to her but he rejects. The castle is erupted by numerous explosions from the power reactor, Gilliam arrives at the scene and tells her that her position was removed and she is fired, he takes the watch from her right arm and smashes it, revolting any control over Mylenia. Mylene also learns that her three researchers Gazin, Yuri and Monet have betrayed her. Gilliam declares that the Beardsley's name will be removed from Umbrella's history and explains umbrella's true goals was to acquire her computer-mediated genetic rewriting program and get rid of her.

Norse stops Gilliam from leaving and dashes towards him but is knocked on his head. Norse and Rain search for a way out but is stopped by Mylene, who proceeds to shoot at Rain but grazes her shoulder. Norse disarms her and shoots her in the chest, killing Mylene. They begin to support each other way out of the castle and eventually grab the leg of the helicopters that Gilliam and his researchers are piloting. They eventually reach the helicopter and Norse pushes Rain inside of the cockpit. Norse and Gilliam wrestle with each other but the helicopter fails to gain altitude due to a powerful blast jolted from the ground. He shields Rain's head as they collapse on the side of the mountain. They come out unharmed but before they can rejoice, they are met with zombies from the castles. The pair decides to run for the pier where they find more of them. Most of the zombies were shot down by Gilliam, who sought to kill them with his own hands. Mylenia suddenly appears and slices Gilliam's body in half to Gilliam's horror, she explains that she had copied Mylene's persona into her alter ego and it would awaken once the primary brain dies.

Norse orders Rain to start up the boat while he deals with her. He manages to disembodied Mylenia using Gilliam's gun and runs towards the boat. They try to start the boat but finds the upperbody of Mylenia stuck at it. She tries to climb her way to the boat and Rain notifies him of the incoming water vortex. Norse uses the anchor to slam her body and she is swallowed by the vortex. The pair finally escape from the island and he was content in fighting his battle.


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