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The North American Facility was an Umbrella facility located in Death Valley. Constructed beneath a weather station, the facility provided shelter and equipment for Umbrella's scientists, administrative staff and security agents. It was ultimately abandoned around 2007, five years into the outbreak, following a massacre by its chief researcher, Dr. Alexander Isaacs.


Whether the facility was already operational prior to the 2002 spread of T-virus or was constructed in haste later is uncertain. What is known, however, is that by 2007 it was the sole remaining Umbrella facility in North America. Facility operations were handled by two executives - Slater, who was officially in command, and Dr. Alexander Isaacs who was Umbrella's Science Division leader and chief researcher for the facility.

Facility operations during the outbreak revolved around studying captive Undead to assess their abilities and weaknesses so the surviving humans could recolonise the planet. A side-project to this was the production of human clones for testing purposes, of which Alice - an escaped mutant test subject - was the DNA progenitor. This project was aimed at creating a potential vaccine that could be used on the Undead and help them regain a degree of their humanity by easing the disease's symptoms. This project failed to live up to hopes, and instead resulted in "Super Undead" - Undead who had regained a childlike understanding of critical thinking but were also hyper-aggressive and triggering extreme viral production.

The facility was hit by an outbreak the day following the creation of the Super Undead. An Umbrella team sent to Las Vegas, Nevada to apprehend Alice was almost wiped out, and Isaacs himself returned infected after being bitten by a Super Undead. He mutated extensively and killed Slater and his guards before going on a rampage.


  • Façade: The only above-ground component of the facility is an old weather monitoring station accessible via elevator, with a drainage ditch used to dump dead clones, all of it surrounded by a chain-link fence.
  • Laboratory: The heart of the facility, containing the cloning tanks, storage areas for captured Undead, and equipment to synthesize chemical compounds.


Further notes[]

  • In earlier drafts, this facility is known as "The Complex".[1]
  • This facility was to appear in some drafts of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, where Alice was to gain information from White Queen. When the AI was merged with Red Queen, this location became superfluous to the script.