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This unnamed North American research facility was an Umbrella facility located in Death Valley. Taking the guise of a weather station, a laboratory complex lay beneath it. After the Global T-Virus pandemic destroyed most of civilization, Umbrella survived by moving its assets into underground facilities all over the planet, the Death Valley facility included.


After the T-Virus swept the globe, Dr. Alexander Isaacs and the Umbrella Science Division relocated their operations to the North American Facility. Over the next five years, Isaacs worked on refining a way to domesticate the undead, using serums derived from the blood of the Alice clones.

Following his infection by a Super Undead, he injected himself with mass amounts of the Anti-virus. Isaacs was executed by his second-in-command, Alexander Slater. However, he had already begun to mutate, and proceeded to massacre the entire facility staff before being contained in the lower levels of the complex by the controlling AI, the White Queen. Hours later, Isaacs was engaged in battle by Alice, before meeting his death in the re-created Laser Room.

Unaware on what had happened to the facility and not receiving regularly updates, Chairman Wesker declared the facility lost to Umbrella officials and made sure that all research there would continue under his personnal supervision at his facility.


  • Façade: The only above-ground component of the facility is an old weather monitoring station accessible via elevator, with a drainage ditch used to dump dead clones, all of it surrounded by a chain-link fence.
  • Laboratory: The heart of the facility, containing the cloning tanks, storage ares for captured Undead, and equipment to synthesize chemical compounds.



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