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The North American Research Facility incident was an incident at the Umbrella North American Research Facility caused by the clone of Doctor Alexander Isaacs being mutated into a Tyrant following his being bitten by a Super Undead.


In order to create "an engineered apocalypse", Doctor Alexander Isaacs and the Umbrella Corporation deliberately caused the T-virus to be released upon the Earth, causing the Global T-Virus pandemic. During the pandemic, a clone of Doctor Isaacs worked in the North American Research Facility to find a cure for the T-virus through Alice, a former Umbrella security operative who had bonded with the T-virus when injected with it as part of Umbrella's experiments rather than being changed by it. As a result, Umbrella believed that Alice's blood held the key to curing the T-virus and Isaacs used Alice clones in an attempt to find that cure in lieu of the real Alice. Though Isaacs' efforts failed, he created the Super Undead which he unleashed upon Alice and Claire Redfield's convoy in Las Vegas to destroy the convoy and capture Alice. In the battle that followed, all of the Super Undead were wiped out, but not before Isaacs was bitten in the shoulder by one.


Following Isaacs return to the North American Research Facility, he was placed under house arrest in his lab under the orders of Alexander Slater due to his violating Chairman Wesker's orders to stand down. While locked up, Isaacs injects himself with massive amounts of the anti-virus in an attempt to stop the enhanced version of the T-virus given to Isaacs by the bite of the Super Undead from mutating him. Due to Isaacs' insubordination and gross misconduct in the field, Slater attempts to execute him under Wesker's orders. However, Isaacs' infection enables him to survive the gunshot and he kills Slater with his new tentacles. Isaacs mutates into a Tyrant and slaughters all of the Umbrella personnel in the facility despite their attempts to fight back. Isaacs is eventually locked in the lower levels by the White Queen, but it is not a solution that will hold Isaacs forever.

Arriving in the facility hours later, Alice discovers the aftermath of Isaacs' rampage and is informed about the events by the White Queen who also tells Alice that she can use the facility and her blood to create a cure after she kills Isaacs. On Alice's prompting, the White Queen grants her access to the facility's lower levels to hunt Isaacs.

In the lower levels, Alice finds more destruction and more of Isaacs' victims before discovering, to her shock, a clone of herself in a water bubble. Hearing Isaacs moving about, Alice pulls her attention away from her clone only to be attacked by Isaacs and thrown into the bubble, bursting it and waking the Alice clone. Alice then throws one of her kukris into Isaacs' shoulder, causing him to retreat down the hallway where the wound instantly heals the moment he removes the kukri. Alice tends to her clone who apparently dies in her arms. Before leaving, Alice takes the time to cover her clone's body in her jacket.

Continuing on, Alice tracks Isaacs to the mock-up of the Looking Glass House where she comes under attack once more from the mutated Isaacs. Though Alice is able to injure him with her remaining kukri, Isaacs' injuries heal once more and he wraps his tentacles around her throat and tries to stab her through the eyes with two more. Alice is able to retrieve her kukri and sever the tentacles then telekinetically blast Isaacs through a wall when he tries to use his tentacles to attack her again. However, Isaacs quickly recovers and uses a telekinetic shockwave of his own to blast Alice through another wall and into the replica of the Hive's laser grid.

As Alice attacks Isaacs without success in the laser grid room, her clone revives in the lab and takes control of the laser grid. Though Isaacs claims to be the future rather than Alice, Alice tells him "no, your just another asshole and we're both gonna die down here." At that moment, the Alice clone activates the laser grid which slices Isaacs into cubed pieces, killing him. Before the laser grid can kill Alice, her clone deactivates it again.


Following Isaacs' death, Alice uses the facility's equipment to join a meeting of the Umbrella Committee via hologram and warns them that she is coming for them and "I'm gonna bring a few of my friends." Alice and her clone then awaken the hundreds of Alice clones kept within the North American Research Facility for testing purposes to act as an army against Umbrella. The clones later launch an attack against the Umbrella Corporation Headquarters in Tokyo, but fail to kill Umbrella Chairman Albert Wesker, resulting in the death of Alice's clone army.

Five years after this incident, Alice encounters a second clone of Doctor Alexander Isaacs and is shocked as she had believed him dead in the incident at the North American Research Facility. Alice quickly realizes that she killed a clone, not the real Doctor Isaacs as she had believed. Claire Redfield expresses similar surprise at Isaacs' survival of the incident.

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