Palisades Nosferatu

An image of the figure within its package

"Nosferatu" is an action figure which was manufactured and sold by Palisades during their first series of Resident Evil toys.[1] The figure is of Dr. Alexander Ashford, 6th Earl Ashford in his mutant Nosferatu form, as seen in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


This action figure stands around 6in tall, (12in counting its larger tentacle attachment on the back.) The tentacle attachment's upper half can be bent to various positions as it is made of a flexible plastic with a metal rod inside. The shoulder tentacle is made out of the same material as the back tentacle and is capable of being posed. The smaller tentacle coming out of the lower torso cannot be posed but is made out of the same material as well.

Noseferatu's human arms are capable of shoulder movement, however it is limited due to the figure's restraints, which much like the video game counterpart, restrict the movement of his arms. Ankles can pivot left and right allowing for some degree of poseability of the feet. The neck joint can pivot slightly up and down as well as left and right. 

The sculpt is highly detailed and features massive amounts of blood and gore paint detailing, notably around the eyes and heart. The figure comes packaged with a stand bearing the Resident Evil Logo with a brick background as with most Palisades figures. 

Due to the attachment, the figure is very top heavy and is prone to falling over, even with the stand. Due to this extra weight the ankle joints can notably move over time resulting in the figure leaning until it falls over. Posing the tentacle in a way that balances the figure helps keep it from falling over.



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