Not A Hero is a DLC campaign for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Originally scheduled for a release date sometime in Spring 2017, it was delayed due to quality concerns.[1] It was released on December 12, along with the Gold Edition of the game.


"Ethan's struggle is over, but there's still one last mess to clean up-and the job falls to Chris Redfield, a veteran in the fight against bioterrorism."
— Extra Content menu description

The campaign chronicles BSAA agent Chris Redfield, working with Blue Umbrella, in his expedition into the Abercrombie Salt Mine in search of Lucas Baker in an attempt to thwart the latter from providing intel regarding the bioweapon to The Connections. The campaign chronologically begins when Ethan and Mia are extracted from the Baker Estate, with Chris noting of the Winters' miraculous survival before heading off to locate Lucas.

The campaign highlights several of Chris' noteworthy nature and values despite his conflicted resolve in working with Blue Umbrella, with implications of how his previous endeavors in the BSAA has turned him into a man who is less of a hero than most consider him to be.


Not a Hero acts as its own campaign in that, there are manual and autosave save points the player can later load or continue from with dedicated save files, similar to Separate Ways in Resident Evil 4, as well as its own stats screen.

There are also three difficulty settings; Easy, Normal, and Professional. The player character is Chris who will have 16 item slots and a starting inventory based on difficulty. On Professional difficulty, you only start with a knife, any coins and rewards. Enemy deflection windows are also smaller.

Altered gameplay elements include the presence of a HUD which displays the player's oxygen, health condition, and upgrades to their helmet, an oxygen mechanic where the player can only spend a limited time in contaminated air, and the player will have access to melee attack prompts. The stack limit for handgun and shotgun ammo is much larger, and because there are no crafting items, the crafting tab in the inventory menu is removed.


Unlocked rewards appear in the Item Box.

Condition Reward
Complete on Normal Thor's Hammer Sight B
Complete on Professional Infinite Ammo
Collect all 10 Antique Coins and complete the game Fast Walk
Beat the game in under 1 hour on any difficulty Easy Deflect

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"Chris Redfield returns in this free additional episode for all Resident Evil 7 players. Facing new enemies and cruel traps, Chris must use his well-honed skills in marksmanship and melee fighting as he attempts to secure his target and uncover the truth behind the Baker incident."
— Market place description

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