Not A Hero middle ending is the scene in the DLC Not A Hero of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays after the final fight between Chris and Lucas, it's the ending of thus DLC.


After defeating Lucas, Chris Redfield interrupts the E-Data transfer to an unknown third party by destroying the computer before returning to the Baker Ranch. After the cutscene, the DLC's end credits will roll.


Chris Redfield: "Game over."

Veronica: "Chris, the data transfer's almost complete!"

Chris: "How do I stop it?"

Veronica: "You need a way to shut down the server. There may be some transformer relays you can—"
"OK... that worked. Gonna be some pissed computer techs up here, but—"

Chris: "Cry me a river. What's the sitrep?"

Veronica: "The facility is clear. Even the newer breeds have been neutralized."

Chris: "Then I'm outta here."

Veronica: "Perimeter wall is up and operational."

Chris: "Good."
"Think we did any good here?"

Veronica: "Not for them, unfortunately, but the mold is contained. Hopefully, they're Evie's last victims."

Chris: "Hopefully."

Veronica: "Chris, there's a call for you. You need to take it back at the camp."

Chris: "Alright. I'm on my way."

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