Not A Hero middle scene 7 is the scene in the DLC Not A Hero of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays before the final fight between Chris and Lucas starts.



Lucas Baker: "I can't—I don't—no... I don't believe it."

Chris Redfield: "Believe it. It's over."

Lucas: "No, heheh. No way..."

Chris: "Just shut up and accept it, Lucas."

Lucas: "Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Oh boy... So this is what it feels like."

Chris: "We've got a situation down here."

Veronica: "Infection is at critical mass."

Chris: "Tell me something I don't know."

Lucas: "Oh, I've got something for you—you're fucking screwed!"

Veronica: "You're going to need to proceed with caution—extreme caution."

Chris: "Oh well, that's different. Like I haven't been since we got here."

Lucas: "You had to come in here and mess things up, didn't you?"

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