"Thanks to the intel from City Hall, Echo Six has located an entrance into a secret sewer system that leads towards the underground Umbrella Facility. They'll soon discover that they are not alone in the sewers."
— Official description

Nothing is as it Seems ( yami e?) is a DLC mission Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, it is part of the campaign for Echo Six.


Echo Six begins its search for the underground laboratory by going through the sewers. Initially, they encounter opposition from the Umbrella Security Service, which is later taken out by none other than William Birkin, who breaks through the wall before disappearing. Moving into a section of the sewers with the lighting blown out, the team is ambushed by a horde of zombies; many of these are U.S.S. Advancing further, Echo Six find surviving Umbrella agents being attacked by their undead counterparts. Clearly the U.S.S. is not in control of the situation.

Moving further into the sewers, the Echo Six comes into contact with Claire Redfield, who is searching for Sherry Birkin. SpecOps Command informs the team that Sherry is the daughter of William, who had contacted them recently for unspecified reasons. Finding Sherry is believes to be key in finding William, as she may know where he is. Escorting Claire through the sewers, the team is attacked by gang of free-roaming NE-β Type parasites and their zombie-controlled counterparts. Claire runs up ahead and is ambushed by William, who tries to beat her to death with a pipe. After getting Claire away from him, the team runs into another room to escape the doctor.

Moving through the sewers, they are now attacked by a horde of Lickers. Going through them, the team finally makes it to Sherry. The team tries to talk Sherry into coming to them, telling her that they are friends of Claire's (who isn't here). However, Sherry is hesitant to move - she thinks something is moving in the dark. As the door leading downstairs is locked, the team uses flares to guide Sherry across the lower levels - fending off zombies - so she can unlock the door with a keycard. They eventually reach a large room with a control panel, which the team must use to form a bridge to bring Sherry across. Almost reaching Sherry, a pack of Hunters - led by a strange red Hunter - attack the group.

With the room cleared, Sherry helps Echo Six by using her keycard - given to her by her mother - to open a shutter. Progressing through a large system of open sewer, Sherry stumbles onto her father. Claire saves her at the last moment and takes her away through a doorway as Echo Six covers their escape; Sherry begs that they don't harm William, though. However, SpecOps Command rules that William is "too far gone" to control himself, and so must be killed in order to avoid any further risks. Echo Six defeats William in a furnace room and, concluding that he must have perished, marks him as deceased and continue with their duties.


Notice: Because of the nature of the game's character options system, lines that are the same for all characters will be listed as either "Team mate (scripted)" or "Player (scripted)".




Easter eggs




A red Hunter was encountered before in the Resident Evil remake and, like the Hunter in this level, was noticeable stronger.

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