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The Novistador possesses an HP value of 1000. They come in two variants: Flight-Type and Stealth-Type.[1]


The Novistadores are capable of six unique combat moves in 2005's Resident Evil 4.

Note: All names are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[2]

Move Damage Description
Claw attack (Japanese: ツメ攻撃 Hepburn: Tsume kōgeki?)[3][4] 500 points Swipes the enemy with its claws.
Acid vomit (Japanese: 酸吐き Hepburn: San haki?)[3][5] 500 points Vomits a potent acid at the enemy from a stationary position.
Acid vomit grab (つかみ酸吐き Tsukami san haki?)[3][6] 500 points (two attacks) Grabs hold of victim and vomits on its face twice.
Grab-kick (つかみ蹴り Tsukami keri?)[3] 300 points Grabs hold of enemy and then kicks them to the floor.
Tobitsuki kick (跳びつき蹴り Tobitsuki keri?)[3] 300 points Jumps into the air and kicks the enemy.
Beheading (首切り Kubikiri?) Instant death The enemy is decapitated


Although the greatest asset a Novistador has is its camouflaging exoskeleton, it is also something easily overcome if the player pays attention. A Novistador's eyes never disappear when camouflaged and the creature still makes plenty of sound when in motion. The laser of Leon's weapons will make it apparent when targeting a camouflaged Novistador, showing the same red dot as when targeting any other enemy. On the Wii version of Resident Evil 4, the targeting reticule will actually turn red even when over a camouflaged Novistador.

A Novistador can only attack in close range, making it vital to keep it at distant. Its claws and acid can wear Leon down quickly and if his health is even at a quarter, a Novistador's claw can instantly decapitate him and the acid can instantly eat away his entire face. It is possible for Leon to get a prompt for a kick maneuver when a Novistador attacks, giving a player ample opportunity to finish it off. As noted above, the best opportunity later to kill a Novistador is to shoot it while it is in mid-flight. If the creature never lands, this will kill it instantly. Otherwise, it will still bring it down and leave it open to a follow-up attack.

Novistadores are vital to treasure hunters. Their eyes are considered treasure with three ranging colors, green being the most common, red being uncommon, and blue being rare. One eye of each color can be combined with the Butterfly Lamp to create an extremely valuable piece of treasure (worth 32,000₧).

When replaying through the game, the Infrared Scope can help locate idle, invisible Novistadores. Their eyes will show up as a glowing green color, making it easy to kill them instantly with a headshot.

A rifle shot to its head will deal critical damage. Either of the upgraded rifles at that point in the game where you initially encounter Novistadors will actually result in one shot kills with a headshot. This makes traversing the sewers much safer since you can easily lineup headshots on stationary Novistadors. You can tell you where their heads are by the drool leaking from their mouths and their glowing eyes. Landing this shot on the ones that are moving towards you can be a bit tricky, but still doable.

Flying Novistadors will be killed instantly if they are knocked out of the air. This can take as little as 1-2 shots from any weapon, upgraded or not. This is particularly useful in the cave in chapter 4-2.


Up to 11 can be encountered.

Many appear here after the cutscene where Ashley is abducted. Destroying the nest in the area spawns dying Novistadores that will drop treasure.

  • Chapter 4-2: Pit

A very large number appear here but are weaker than the ones previously encountered.



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