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"Nursery Zombie" was a clone create on Umbrella Prime.


"Nursery Zombie" was infected with the T-virus and implanted with Las Plagas, turning him into a Las Plagas Undead. He was activated for a Suburbia outbreak simulation, and was seen to chase Suburban Alice and Becky into a house, tracking them down to its nursery. Alice managed to throw him off the landing, impaling him on a banister below. His body was later found by Ada Wong and Alice.

Further notes

  • The Nursery Zombie is named by Paul W.S. Anderson in a commentary for Retribution, where he named "Trevor" and the "Trevor Zombie".
  • When Alice enters the home, the Nursery Zombie is clearly dead. However, Suburban Alice only impaled him through the chest when she impaled him on the stair banisters and he was clearly still moving afterwards. He didn't appear to suffer any wounds that would've killed him.


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