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OR SecretaryComplaint‏‎ was a file that could be accessed as part of the "Inserted Evil" ARG campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


FAO The Manager, Division of Personnel

I would like to file an official complaint about Chief Brian Irons and his recent behavior towards me.

I have worked as Chief Irons' personnal secretary for a good many years now until recently we have had a very good professional relationship. However, over the last six months or so, his behavior has changed a lot - in fact I would say dramatically.

The first incident I would like taken into account happened on April 6th. I had moved one of the statues on the second flood of the building because, quite honestly, it was in the way. I merely moved it from the middle of the room to closer to the edge.

However, Chief Irons took this extremely badly, screaming at me that I should never move ANY statue in the building and that I should stick to typing letters and taking letters as that was what I was paid for. He used a range of bad language as he shouted this at me. I was, as you can imagine, very shocked.

Chief Irons later apologized to me, explaining that he had things on his mind, but reiterated in no uncertain terms that I was to leave all of his statues and art alone as he had them all just as he liked them.

Obviously this exchange left me feeling very abused and angry, and I began looking at Chief Irons differently as a result. Thinking about what he'd said, I began to wonder why he had so much fine art. How on earth could he afford this on his salary?

But the final straw came yesterday, June 8th, and is the main cause of my complaint: I was cleaning Chief Irons' office in his absence, as I often do, when he walked in on me. I don't know what had gotten into him, but he began yelling at me, cursing and acting very threatening, screaming that I should keep away from all of his personal things, and that I was a "snooping bitch".

And this coming from the Chief of Police? I admit I burst into tears and left. I shouldn't be treated like that - I was just doing my job. I can't help it if he thinks people are going to be thumbing through his belongings when his back is turned can I? It makes me think he must have something to hide and suggest that Irons himself is investigated.

I doubt very much I shall be returning to work any time soon, but I await your response with interest.

Carole Sindemann
Secretary to Chief Irons