After barricading himself inside the watchtower, he asked Cindy Lennox to let his remaining comrades know that he was safe. According to a file found, Austin is the owner of the Hunting Rifle found in the Observation deck.

It may be possible he survived the Raccoon Zoo incident at least due to Patrick and Lloyd commenting on how he could handle the current situation when the player talks to them after talking to Austin. However, this is unconfirmed.

Further notes

  • Austin only appears on the harder difficulties. He will not be encountered on the 'Easy' or 'Normal' modes of the "wild things" scenario.
  • Austin is unlocked as playable by talking to him on Hard or Very Hard and then talking to either Patrick in the Elephant Stage area and/or Lloyd in the Zoo's Inner office. The player does not have to beat the Scenario to unlock him but has to fulfill the above requirements of talking to Austin before the other two. After fulfilling the requirements, he can be purchased in the Collection menu for 4000 points.
  • He starts with an Iron Pipe.




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