The Office is an area of the Raccoon Zoo, which is visited in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


The Office was used as a shelter for lost children, judging by the playground in the northeast corner. At some point during the Viral Outbreak in September 1998, Matthew took shelter inside after he took damage from an unknown monster. Not much time later, a group of three survivors, one of which was Cindy Lennox, also took shelter inside for a brief moment before trying to find a way to reach the Front gate. As a result, they had not much use in there, but instead in the adjacent Inner office.

Special items

Four special items here.


The Zombie Elephant will attack by breaking through the walls of the building if he was not killed at this point. As its attacks have a simplistic pattern of simply moving to the next set of windows, it can be avoided. As a result, Matthew will be killed.

After turning on the emergency power in the adjacent Inner office, a shutter will be open in the back area, allowing a small shortcut to the North Concourse.

There's a locked locker in the back that can only be opened by Alyssa. The pick required is the P-shaped on EASYNORMAL and HARD, or the S-shaped on VERY HARD. The item inside is a fully loaded Shotgun E on EASY and NORMAL, an Iron Pipe on HARD and a First Aid Spray on VERY HARD.

The Memo to Alyssa is found behind the fallen table in the back. As the name says, it's exclusive to Alyssa.


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