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"OfficialResponse L" was an online file written as part of the Inserted Evil ARG campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Raccoon Police Department
Ennerdale Street
Raccoon City

FAO The Manager, Division of Personnel

Dear Tony,

It is with great regret that I recall the events of two days ago, Monday June 8 and wish to apologize not only
to Carole, my secretary, but also to the other officers on duty that day and to the state authorities who entrust
me to carry out my duties.

I have no excuse for my behavior, other than to say that I have been working very hard as of late to keep
Raccoon City as safe as it can be for its residents. I believe that I have been working too hard, and not taking
enough time out for myself, resulting in my short temper on the day in question.

As to the question of my art collection and how I came about it, I hold my hands up and admit it: they are
all reproductions! Of course I couldn't afford originals of this quality, so have invested in high quality
facsimiles of the real things. To the trained eye of course this would be obvious, but to my slightly more
philistine colleagues, this would have been hidden.

My only aim in collecting these reproductions was to keep the look of the station somewhat akin to its
previous history.

Rest assured that I will learn from this incident and ensure that nothing like it ever happens again.


Chief Brian Irons