The casino bar (カジノバー?)[1] was a private games room in Alfred Ashford's official residence on Rockfort Island.


The casino bar is composed of slots machines, a bar, grand piano, few shelves and several gambling tables. There's a fish tank in the ceiling.


No enemies are faced in this room. Items that can be found inside this casino:

  • Handgun Ammo - On the small reception desk.
  • Bow Gun Powder - On the gambling table.
  • Two green herbs - At the bar.
  • King Ant Object - The player is required to find the Piano Roll before placing it on the grand piano. Once the tune is played automatically, a secret compartment will open with the King Ant Object stored within.


Location Localization Original script
Slot machines Slot machines. One of them is turned on.
Grand Piano An antique grand piano. It is designed so it reads out data.
Grand Piano (After using the Piano Roll) A tune is being played automatically.
Slot machine (Once the King Ant Object is taken) There is nothing left.




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