The conference room (会議室?)[1] was a meeting room in Alfred Ashford's official residence on Rockfort Island.


The conference room is a large room dominate by the meeting tables that surround the Ashford's family crest at the center of the floor. The meeting tables are filled with papers, files, ashtrays and telephones. The conference room also contains various portraits, frames, slide projector and an earthenware pot.


Two bandersnatch are faced inside this conference room. Items and file that can be found:

  • Handgun ammo - On the seat, further right side of the room.
  • Eagle plate - At the center of the room.
  • Hunk's report - At the slide projector desk.


Location Localization Original script
Pot An earthenware pot is on display here.
Slide Projector It's a slide projector. It doesn't seem to be working perfectly.




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